Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Activist Journalists

ABC News regarding Rathergate and CBS news producer Mary Mapes:

John Carlson, a former commentator at KIRO-TV who is host of a conservative radio talk show in Seattle, remembers Mapes as a talented producer with whom he often argued politics in the newsroom. Mapes was "quite liberal" and disliked the current President Bush's father, he said. "She definitely was someone who was motivated by what she cared about and definitely went into journalism to make a difference," Carlson said. "She's not the sort of person who went into journalism to report the news and offer an array of commentary"
Activist journalists reporting the news in a biased way; activist judges making interpreting laws to further a liberal agenda; activist teachers propelling liberal ideas by what they teach, and what they ridicule; activist clergy taking liberties with the word of God... it's a miracle that conservatives even exist in our nation.