Tuesday, September 14, 2004

CBS Blog-lash

Sept. 9, 2004, will be remembered as a paradigm-shifting day in media history. That was the day the "blogosphere" took down CBS News... (read the whole Newsday story)

Well, I suppose when you use a typewriter repairman as a document expert, you may deserve to go down.

The blog-lash is so quick, that a new website has sprung up dealing specifically with Rathergate.

UPDATE: ...and Hugh Hewitt is calling for congressional hearings.

Congress has held hearings on Howard Stern and "wardrobe malfunctions" at the Superbowl. It has held hearings on the networks' disastrous performance on election night 2000. Now a network is party to a fraud committed with the obvious intent of influencing an election. Where are the hearings? This is very serious stuff, and the rise of technology capable of influencing elections is a worry on many minds. (See John Fund's new book Stealing Elections.) It doesn't do much good for Congress to arrive to conduct an autopsy. It should act before the fraud spreads.