Monday, September 13, 2004

Edwards Calls for Blog Reform

ORONO, Maine (RRP) - On the campaign trail today, Democratic Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards called for blog reform, including licensure for all bloggers. "It's dangerous to have unregulated opinion circulating on the internet," said Edwards. "The American people won't stand for this nonsense. The American people know that John Kerry and I will protect the American people when we take office."

On the heels of Rathergate--an attempt by bloggers to discredit and dismantle CBS News--Edwards was firm in his stance of legislating blogs. "This isn't about the grass roots dissemination of information. This is about the American people being deceived by the dirty tricks of right-wing zealots sitting in their boxer shorts in front of their computers."

Edwards drew a parallel between bloggers and a common profession to hammer home his point. "Hairdressers have to go through a lot of schooling to get licensed to practice their craft. And other than John's stylist, whose work we hope is worth 2 points in the polls, hairdressers have no influence on our electoral process."

"But, bloggers can have a huge influence on our democracy. To protect the American people, under a Kerry administration, we will require that all bloggers have a college degree and we will require a federal license to operate a blog," said Edwards. "Bloggers will have to undergo a stringent 30-hour education program to be licensed, and then bi-monthly reeducation classes to remain licensed. Our democracy depends upon the flow of information, and the American people can rest assured that John Kerry will protect that flow."
--Rocky River Press
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