Monday, September 20, 2004

Extreme Memorabilia

I like to look at old stuff as much as the next guy. Yeah, Babe Ruth's glove is cool and those leather helmets they used to wear in football are pretty funny to look at. But, I have never understood the value people attribute to such things. A little piece of cardboard worth $100,000? Well, if you have the right baseball card for the right player in the right year it can be worth that much. A baseball worth $500,000? To me, it's all silly.

Not to this guy. He went to an extreme in an effort to catch Barry Bond's 700th home run ball, buying up 6500 seats at Dodger Stadium for Oct 1-3. He was about 2 weeks off as Barry hit #700 (and #701) this last week. Maybe he'll get lucky and Barry will go on a tear: #714 and #715 are the Babe Ruth numbers (tying and passing) and they should be worth something.