Friday, September 17, 2004

Honorary reputations

Agape Press spoke with one of Paul Crouch's lawyers regarding the gay, hush money embroglio that the TBN founder has gotten himself into. Lawyer Colby May says, regarding the accuser, Lonnie Ford:

"He has made a charge that he had a homosexual encounter with Dr. Crouch -- and of course that is utterly untrue, utterly false," May says. "When you're a public figure in this modern age, people can say almost anything and, quite honestly but sadly, people want to believe the worst."
Maybe I am nitpicking. Maybe I am taking this whole amateur statement analysis thing a step too far, but this comment sounds fishy to me. The 'of course,' the double use of 'utterly,' and the redundant emphasis of 'untrue' and 'false' in the statement makes me think he is trying too hard to convince people the charges are false. He could have just said, 'No, Crouch didn't have a sexual encounter with Ford.' But he spins a bit, and that makes me wonder if he is telling the truth.

Bits and Pieces: Why did they pay the money to Ford in the first place? There was no lawsuit, only a threat of one. Crouch says he listened to his spiritual advisors when making this decision. What kind of advisor says to pay Ford $425,000 to go away if the charges are baseless? And, why did they offer Ford $1 million for his manuscript if the charges are baseless?

Why do they insist on calling him Dr Crouch? Dr. Paul Crouch, his wife Dr. Jan Crouch, Dr. Creflo Dollar, Dr. Joyce Meyer and many other TBN luminaries, are only doctors because they received honorary doctorates from Oral Roberts University. Even Bob Hope got an honorary doctorate from ORU; we didn't refer to him as Dr. Hope, did we? No, this golden, padded reputation is what Crouch was trying to maintain. Not working so far.