Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurricane Ivan and Southern Decadence

A few posts ago, I linked Bill Koenig and his thoughts on the Florida hurricanes relating to the USA's pressure on Israel to give up its land. I posted it, not 100% sure that there is a correlation. I just found it interesting. Well, something just clicked for me in the last hour about another hurricane, and it has filled me with dread. Here are the reasons:

Bill Koenig, postulates that there is a connection between America's actions and God's judgement in the following areas:

1)Israel is pressured to give up her land.
2)Pro-abortion legislation becomes law, or major pro-abortion events take place.
3)Pro-gay legislation becomes law, or major pro-gay events take place.

Over this past Labor Day weekend, New Orleans hosted an event called Southern Decadence. Billed as the largest gathering of homosexuals in the south, 120,000 gays were expected to attend the 34th annual event.

Hurricane Ivan is heading towards New Orleans. It is a category 4 storm that, with a direct hit, could sink the city.