Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Hurricane Ivan the Terrible

Tomorrow is Rosh HaShanna. According to God's calender, this is the beginning of a new year. Hurricane Ivan is expected to hit ground tomorrow. A warning of the type of year that awaits us?

Some prophetic snips I have found on Hurricane Ivan. Some are from registration required prophetic lists, so no links. I don't know any of these people personally. So this is grain of salt time.

vereneum on a prophetic list:

I saw a large foot come down from the sky and appear to kick NewOrleans right off of the map. When I first heard of Ivan I beganwondering if perhaps it was possible that Ivan would be the agency bywhich this was done. Regardless, I am praying for New Orleans atthis time, as well as all of our brothers and sisters.....and thosethat would yet become so....
Vision of Hurricane Ivan: Robin Paisley

John1965 on a prophetic list:

God is going to judge America with fire. Hurricane Ivan is the trumpet heralding this judgment. What Ivan does will be in microcosm what God will do in America overall. It is a storm of wind and water to reflect the storm of wind and fire that God is sending. It is going to make landfall on Rosh HaShanna, the New Year, because the relationship between God and this nation will be entering a new era. It is like America is turning a corner.
Joni Ames on a prophetic list:

Hurricanes Frances, Ivan & Matthew--I had an incident happen Friday morning, Sept. 3rd when I awoke...this isn't a prophetic word - I'm just running it by you all for prayer. I heard, "Frances is just preparing the way for the "I" and the "M" because I am the I AM." I felt it referred to the hurricanes that began with the letters "I" and "M."....

Bob Jones has said that sin opens the door to destruction. He told me he's been saying for some time now that he saw that there would be a "category 10" that would rip into Mobile Bay in Alabama. (He knows the scale only goes to 5, but says it would be worse than any other recorded, unless prayer changed it.) He said a "Jubilee" (fish jump out of the ocean to their death in droves) would be a sign it was coming, and that when the Category 10 would actually come, it would finally un-seat the spirit of Leviathan that has been there in Mobile Bay for years, and bring revival. - By the way, the original name of Mobile Bay was Bay of the Holy Spirit!

(The comment from Ames about the 'I' followed by the 'M' signifying the great I AM--that really resonates within my spirit)

And finally, from the Ivan news blog. This idol won't spare anything or anyone:

Generations of New Orleanians, have prayed to Our Lady of Prompt Succor to save the city from hurricanes. But prayers to the Blessed Mother to save the Crescent City from Ivan were prayed places other than the National Shrine of Our Lady of Prompt Succor on State Street, which was locked tight Wednesday.