Monday, September 20, 2004

LA Times doesn't quit with TBN and Paul Crouch

ANOTHER story today in the LA Times regarding TBN and Paul Crouch. So far, they have run a story on Paul Crouch's gay affair, the TBN official response to that story, then a report on TBN using the prosperity gospel as a means for its financing. Now today they run a story about Crouch's dealing with the FCC that happened between 1993-2000. The short piece is basically taken from Crouch's own autobiography and details TBN's attempt to own more TV stations than the FCC allowed at the time.

It's all similar to the dishonorable and deceitful 'anonymous donor' story I mentioned a few posts ago. A recap of the LA Times piece:

--crouch wants more tv stations than the law allows
--crouch starts new company with his black secretary, a hispanic pastor, and himself
--crouch claims new company minority controlled
--crouch tries to acquire new tv stations
--advocacy groups cry foul and fight against crouch
--fcc calls new company a sham, denies applications
--crouch holds telethon, raises $65 million in viewer pledges
--crouch gives $65 million to advocacy groups so they go away
--crouch appeals fcc verdict, loses appeal
--crouch appeals again to higher court, wins
--crouch claims God is responsible for outcome, because He never loses a case

There's not really any story here. Nothing new, nothing relevant. Makes you wonder why the LA Times runs with it. Are they going to keep hammering away until they see blood?