Thursday, September 16, 2004

Marriage Amendments: state by state poll numbers

Voters in 11 states will decide this election season whether or not to amend their constitutions in regards to gay marriages. 10 states will decide in November; Louisiana votes this weekend. Generally, the amendments will define marriage as between a man and a woman. Here are the poll numbers from each state regarding this issue:

poll taken July 6-8, 2004
61% favor amendment
34% oppose

poll taken May 24+26, 2004
60% favor amendment
31% oppose

poll taken July 27, 2004
71% favor amendment
25% oppose

poll taken July 8-12, 2004
82% favor amendment
15% oppose

poll taken June 14-17, 2004
62% favor amendment
32% oppose

poll taken Aug 26-Sept 1, 2004
61% favor amendment
34% oppose

2001 poll conducted by the University of Arkansas
63% favor amendment
32% oppose

poll taken Aug 18-27, 2004
62% favor amendment
26% oppose

Exit polls 3-2-04 primaries
50% say no to any special recognition of gay relationships
25% say yes to civil unions
16% say yes to gay marriage
(Georgia numbers were taken during this year's primary season, where Bush ran unopposed. 70% of people polled were Democrats, 10% Republican, 20% Other)

No polls found for Louisiana or North Dakota.

It seems clear that the constitutional amendments will be passed in all 11 states. They will join 5 states--Alaska, Hawaii, Missouri, Nebraska and Nevada--who have already amended their state constitutions on this issue.