Saturday, September 25, 2004

The pope speaks on terrorism

This month, the pope has issued two statements concerning terrorism. Noted:

[H]umanity is facing a frightening upsurge in terrorism. The repeated heinous attacks against human life trouble and worry our conscience...In the death of Jesus, we find the moment in which the triumph of evil meets the final victory of Good...For believers, the Cross of Christ is an icon of hope for, through it, God’s salvific design came to pass...With our gaze set on the Crucified Christ and in spiritual union with the Virgin Mary, let us continue on our path...

May Mary shield humanity at a time of disturbing bursts of violence. May she shield more than ever the young generations who want to build a future of hope for all.
Personally, I prefer the living Christ of today, rather than focusing on the three days when Jesus was crucified and buried. I prefer the blessed hope of our Lord returning, rather than putting my hope in any icon or idol. And, I look to God, and Him alone, in these disturbing times of violence, rather than put my faith in the earthly mother of the Lord, Jesus Christ.