Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Protest and conflict

Stephen Bennett gave a talk last weekend at Calvary Memorial Church in Oak Park, Il. Gay activists held a protest. Excerpts:

Protesters chanted "Shame!" and "House of Hate!" as parishioners of Calvary Memorial Church entered the service, where Stephen Bennett spoke about his life as a homosexual before he got married and had two children.

"We're talking about it because everybody else is talking about it," Rev. Ray Pritchard, the pastor, said after the service. "I think the church has a responsibility to speak to the issues that are foremost on people's mind....You don't have to agree with us. But I want to issue a challenge: Go home and read the Bible. Don't take my word for it."

"We sent a clear message that there are some in Oak Park and surrounding communities that know that hatred against any group needs to be opposed," Andy Thayer, co-founder of the Chicago Anti-Bashing Network, said of the evening protest.
Where to start, where to start? I have been thinking about homosexuality alot lately. If you read that little sidebar on the left, I tell you that I am an ex-gay. I haven't really talked about it on this blog and I am not sure why. It is about the only thing I could be considered an 'expert' on, or have a knowledge that is unique and not common to the common man. Write about what you know. I suppose that should apply to blogging, eh?

This thread over at parableman started me thinking. Not the main post, but some of the comments. Christians don't know much about homosexuality. Now, I am not of the camp that says you have to do something to understand something or be able to speak coherently about it. But, there is an understanding that one has, when he has lived through something, that others probably don't possess. God has been gracious and merciful to teach me about homosexuality in ways that someone who didn't live through it, wouldn't understand.

I've went thru a few stages post-homosexuality. When I was born again, and after the glow of newness wore off a bit, I felt led of the Lord. I felt He was leading me into some kind of ministry involving men who want to leave the homosexual life. I said to Him, I'll do anything you want, as long as it has nothing to do with homosexuality. I lived in that state for awhile. Then I came around a little. I said, OK, I'll work in that arena if you want me to. All the while, hoping He would take that cup away from me. Secretly hoping He would see my agreement with Him and then move on to something else.

I know I am rambling on. Sorry. I think I am almost past that last stage now. Accepting a reality where I am helping men who want help. I don't have problems with gays who don't want to change, who want to live a the normal gay life. But I know that there are many, many men who would jump out of that life if they were thrown a lifeline. I know many would like to be given the chance (not to mention those kids right now who are struggling with same sex attractions, who are being told by the whole wide world to just give in to them, it's natural). But it is a thankless ministry.

See, there's not a lot of love coming at you if you are an ex-gay. To a point, you are seen as a traitor, kind of like a black conservative. You are seen as a deluded self-hater. Gays generally hate you, and deny that you exist. The world doesn't really know about you, and those who do, deny that you can exist. Christians are wary of you, wondering when you are going to fall back into your sin. The failure rate is high. David Wilkerson said that only 1 in 1000 men succeed in leaving the gay life. This was 30 years ago, or so. Hopefully the percentage is alot better today, but I wouldn't think it's much better than 1 in 75 or 1 in 100. (and we are talking about those who Want to leave the gay life)

I am not like those Satan-led fools who think they are doing the Lord's work in their "ministry" to homosexuals by protesting at gay funerals. I am not a hater, I do not hate anyone. Unfortunatey, I think many people think that those kind of folks represent all Christians. They don't.

I am really going on and on here and not really saying anything.

Regarding that protest that led this post--Gays may win every debate about a ton of issues. But the one that they will never win is the God argument. God declares homosexual sex a sin. And He's not going to change His mind about that. And it's not hatred against a group of people when you say that. It's not hatred against drunkards when you say drunkenness is a sin. It's not hatred against talebearers when you say that gossip is a sin. It's a battle they can fight and fight til forever, and there will always be Christians willing to believe the Bible and say that that behaviour is sinful.

The myth is homosexuality is something you are. The truth is homosexual sex is something you do. I am living proof of that truth. Thoughts and behaviours can be changed. There's about 25 blog posts in this paragraph explaining what I mean, but...

It's late. And if there is a place on the web to nominate the worst blog post of the year, I will be the first to nominate this uneven post. I guess what it is showing is a heart in conflict. I want to jump into the fray, but....but....but; there are a million excuses not to. God have mercy on me as I sit on the sidelines in conflict.