Wednesday, October 20, 2004

9 Things

9 Things I've never done:

1. shot a real gun
2. played hockey or cricket
3. visited a Methodist or a Episcopalian church
4. been enamoured with the books of Job or Habbukuk in the bible.
5. been to Maine, New York, or anywhere in the NE USA.
6. visited a foreign country apart from Canada and Mexico.
7. driven a motorcycle or a snowmobile.
8. had a pet bird, hamster, or rabbit
9. run a marathon or more than 2 miles at once for that matter

When the well is dry, bloggers can go with the list, or the quiz....the ones that tell you "Which Brady Bunch character are you," or "Which type of tree" you are. Why the need to blog something, anything? Hmmmm. I suppose it has to do with motivations for blogging. Why are you blogging? Why am I blogging?....Hey, wait a minute here, I was just gonna post a list, and go on to the Astros game. The well is dry, remember?....Oh well, I do have a motivation for blogging, but I will keep that to myself for now...because if I told you, then you would know that posts like this, aren't coming out of that pure(?) motive I had when I started this thing. Have a blessed day all.