Thursday, October 21, 2004

Christian Carnival 40

The Christian Carnival is up and hosted this week at the excellent blog Proverbial Wife. 34 different articles from Christians all over the blogosphere. Here are some things that caught my eye as I read thru the entries and the blogs that they come from.

Chap 29 - Abiding - Wow, what a very well written blog.

Chap 28 - Mr Standfast - This is a great post about journaling. He says "I believe that God wants to draw us out of our self-concern, which can form a kind of insulating crust around our hearts, and into the dangerous world where people hurt and need help." My history with journals is all over the board. I have many notebooks in various states of emptiness, notes from here and there. Many aborted beginnings...writing I can't read, and phrases with exclamation marks behind them, that today, I have no clue why I found significant at the time.

Chap 27 - Dr Pritchard - Very interesting. The post speaks of a husband and wife who have been keeping a prayer journal for 30 years. They keep track of the effect their prayers may be having. Mathematically, 89% of their prayers are answered yes; 2% are answered no; and 9% are in the Not Yet category. I think that shows how the agreement of a husband and wife in prayer is an awesome, powerful gift from God.

Chap 20 - Karagraphy - Great post. "There’s no TiVo for discipleship. No fast forwarding from conversion to sanctification."

Chap 18 - Brad Hightower - I like this man's post very much. Go read it yourself, an excerpt would do it no justice.

Chap 11 - Derek Gilbert - Derek ponders the rapture happening during the middle of the World Series. :-) I don't think that there will be baseball during the tribulation, and considering that the rapture isn't chance of the World Series happening at the time of Christ's return. But, hey, lotsa baseball references on his blog, which is cool with me.

Well, that was interesting. I read thru all the posts, surfed a little on some of the blogs, and was encouraged by much of what I read. I only highlighted 6 here, but there is something for everyone in the 34 Carnival posts. God is at work in many of the bloggers who submitted a post, and I praise Him and thank Him for that. The Christian Carnival is truly a great way to find some people in the blogosphere that you may not have found otherwise. I have added a few of these folks to my favorites list. The schedule of future hosts for the weekly Carnival is found on the sidebar here.