Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Christian jottings

Some notes from a few of the Christian blogs I like to read:

Julie writes well, and here she writes about sexual brokenness:

It was that book that made me realize the significance of my sexual sin, and it truly broke me, but not in a painful way. Sometimes, when God breaks you, it really does feel like He's snapping bones, at least figuratively speaking.
But other times, He breaks you very gently. You don't realize you've been broken until you're looking back over your life, and you see that you've had a major change in perspective.
RLP's book came out, and he had a online virtual book signing.

Michael Main reminisces about the prominent politicians he has met from Ford to W. On Gerald Ford:
I turned around and there was Gerald Ford. He reached out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Gerald Ford." I shook his hand while looking around nervously. There was no one else in the room with us. No secret service, no entourage, only me...Gerald Ford and a plentiful supply of donuts. My first words were, "Hi...I'm Michael Main...um...Mr. President aren't there supposed to be people around guarding you from people like me?"
And Parableman links to one of posts, saying:
I just found a followup to the homosexuality discussion from two weeks ago. It's on a blog called Chapter and Verse, and it seems to be from someone who left the homosexual lifestyle and considers himself ex-gay. He compares his treatment by gay people as what black conservatives receive from their community those who see them as traitors. One thing he mentions is that he thinks many Christians don't understand homosexuality. He doesn't quite put it this way, but I think he's also saying many gay people don't understand Christians. I think both are quite true.

I wanted to nominate the post he refers to for the worst blog post of the year. I tended to ramble a bit; but, I think it expresses the conflict within me regarding homosexual issues--wanting to step out and help vs. wanting to crawl in a hole and keep out of sight. Yes, I am an ex-gay...even though I don't like that term, it's the best out there right now. Yes, my experience is that many (most) Christians don't understand homosexuality. And, yes, I think many gay people look at Fred Phelps (of the God hates fags website) and think that he represents Christianity's view on homosexuality.

(And that reference to black conservatives isn't the greatest comparison; but, I do feel a certain kinship with them. They have come out of a culture with one prevailing viewpoint and are seen as loony for believing the opposite viewpoint.)

Lastly, the bloke trackbacks to the parableman's post and notes some of his life-experiences with the topic of homosexuality:
The class ripped my paper apart not because it was a bad paper but because of its contents. I had advocated that the church's duty was to love its neighbor -- and who is her neighbor? The homosexual community, I had written. I just didn't get their strong reaction and opposition to my opinion. The class became so agitated because somehow my views threatened their sense of balance in their world.

I have a theory on why the Christian attitude toward homosexuals is oftentimes a condemning one. It is because gay sex is the one sin where most have a clear conscious before God. It is the one sin they have never committed, so they can rant all they want about it without being a hypocrite. They can have a compassion and an empathy for the drunkard or the talebearer, because they themselves have slipped in that area. But, they have very little love available for the homosexual because they are without understanding on the issue and have nothing in their personal experience to compare it to.