Thursday, October 21, 2004

Daschle out?

In South Dakota, Democrat Tom Daschle could very well be retired from his Senate seat. He is running neck and neck with John Thune in his efforts to be reelected. In a state that overwhelmingly supports President Bush, it is somewhat odd that they want to send back to Washington the man who opposes the President at every turn. I guess they think Daschle's clout as a Senate leader has a transferrence effect on how people see little South Dakota. (it does, just not the way they think it does)

The latest interesting item in this campaign is that they may not be voting to send Daschle to Washington DC after all, but rather sending him home. It looks as if Daschle has given up his official residency in South Dakota, and listed his permanent residence as Washington DC for tax purposes. At the least, he and his wife probably aren't able to vote legally in South Dakota. At the worst, he may not be eligible to represent the state in the Senate.

Go to Daschle v. Thune, South Dakota Politics, or Sibby Online and just keep scrolling down for more information on all this. I have a feeling that these guys are making a tangible difference in the politics and media coverage of their state.