Saturday, October 02, 2004

Delaware Bible Readers Beware

Reading from the bible = hate speech in Delaware. Trial starts Oct 28.

"Council perceived what he was reading as hate speech. It would be homophobic today. They couldn't let him go on. You can't go up to the podium and start reading from the Bible,"--Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Kusturiss
Michael Marcavage, the man who read from the bible, gives a synopsis of what went on at the council meeting here. They told him:

"I am not going to allow you to come before this council and use it as a forum to engage in hate speech,"
So, reading from the bible is homophobic hate speech. The passage he was reading was the last half of Romans chapter 1. He wasn't preaching, wasn't interpreting, wasn't comparing scripture to scripture; he was just reading. Makes you wonder where this slippery slope will end up, eh? Mr Marcavage actually has a whole website devoted to reclaiming his city.