Wednesday, October 06, 2004

DeMint and teachers

South Carolina Senate candidate Jim DeMint says, "We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values." Because of this, he has said during the campaign that he believes that homosexuals and single mothers living with their boyfriends should not teach in public schools.

Gay activists, of course, called for an apology. No discussion of the merits of the argument, just the old 'shut up, and apologize' mantra, a reflex triggered when their politically correct radar is activated. Gay activists try to stifle all dissent without a conversation. They interpret the general silence of the people as agreement with their positions. I think the public's silence is more a result of fear of being politically incorrect than a tacit agreement. I am always amused that activists are shocked when voters support such things as marraige amendments by a 2 to 1 margin. Anyway...

Does DeMint's statement have any validity? Should gays and women 'living in sin' be public school teachers? First, I think it's refreshing that a politician has a conviction and has the courage to express it in the face what he had to know would be a gaggle of naysayers. Instead of just dimissing it offhand, let's look at it.

On the one hand, most Americans are unrepentant sinners. Most teachers in the public schools are unrepentant sinners. So, to single out a class of sinners to the exclusion of the others, isn't fair. Unless we say that all teachers must be born again Christians, we can't exclude selectively as DeMint is saying (btw, this is a personal belief of DeMint and he has no plans to implement programs to carry this out).

On the other hand, teachers aren't like accountants or factory workers when it comes to jobs. They are put in a position of authority over kids daily and play a part in their development. We have specific education requirements for teachers. Isn't it OK to have moral standards for them as well? Hmmm.

I suppose some would say let them do what they want in the public schools. It's not just gay teachers, but also the evolution, the God denying, the liberal agenda, etc., that make public schools not worthy of our concern. Scriptures exhort parents to teach their own children. Isn't this a 24 hour a day exhortation or is it just a 16 hour a day duty, leaving them to others for the 8 hours they are in school? Answer--Homeschool, private Christian school, they say. Hmmm.

I don't know. I don't just dismiss his position as idiotic. But, I do have trouble convincing myself that this would be ok to do. Is there a scriptural argument that can be made on this issue? And this is just asking if they should be hired as teachers. More questions come to mind. How about the question of whether they can be effective teachers? Regarding sinners...can the deceived teach kids the truth? Teachers--should they not be role models and examples to those they teach?

Questions, questions, questions.....Come let us reason together, He says. I think I'll avoid the gay activists and look elsewhere for the answers to my questions.