Saturday, October 09, 2004

Eject x 3

I was watching my beloved Twins fall to the Yankees tonite, and so missed most of the debate. I did switch over during commercials and the extended Corey Koskie at-bats which usually take 10 minutes before resolution. Every time I flipped over and Kerry was speaking, it was, 'Bush is wrong, I have a plan, Bush is wrong, I have a plan.' Every time, every issue. I pity those folks who play drinking games while watching the debates. Those who downed a shot every time JK said 'I have a plan' are out of commission for the weekend.

The impression I get is that Bush wants to be President for the next four years in order to lead our nation in troubling times. I get the impression that Kerry wants to be President because he wants to be President.

Kerry has no respect for the office he is seeking. The man in office is worthy and due our respect, and Kerry gives him none, reviling him at every opportunity. You can disagree and still be respectful.

I saw an abortion question asked. Bush is weak on abortion, middle of the road, moderate. Abortion shows the true Kerry. A man who believes something but is not willing to act on it because of its political implications. And this isn't a mundane issue like tax cuts or the environment. This is about a human being's life. And if you believe that life begins at conception, as Kerry does, there is no way you can rationally support abortion.

Bush debating Kerry--we all know that the earth is round, a sphere. For Bush, it's like debating someone who believes the earth is flat. You look on and have no idea how to answer, because the rationale behind the answers is so convoluted. I pity Bush because everything that comes out of Kerry's mouth is rhetoric. He either contradicts something he has previously said or uses facts that have already been debunked--he takes positions that contradict his voting record and leaves Bush with so many options to rebut, it must be confusing for the President. I don't blame him for smirking or acting incredulous to what Kerry says. (someone used this earth flat analogy in a blog somewhere, don't remember where, but I think it is on the mark)

I am very leary of a Kerry presidency. Bush isn't a bed of roses, but Kerry.....makes me more than a little apprehensive.

It's not often that you read something that changes your opinion all by itself. Some writings persuade, or maybe inform, but this article at ejectejecteject may change how you look at the candidates and the global war on terror. It's been floating around the blogosphere the last few days, and if you haven't read it yet, you really really really should. Awesome work.

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