Monday, October 04, 2004

Every twenty years

Boots and Sabres reminds us of the twenty year presidential "coincidence":

1840 - Harrison, died of sickness 1860 - Lincoln, shot and died 1880 - Garfield, shot and died 1900 - McKinley, shot and died 1920 - Harding, died of a heart attack 1940 - Roosevelt, died of a cerebral hemorrhage 1960 - Kennedy, shot and died 1980 - Reagan, shot and lived 2000 - Bush, ????
I know that there are a few prophecies out there regarding Bush's second term. The one I remember specifically is from Thomas Gibson. The gist of all the words is that Bush will win reelection, but not serve out his full term. One I remember has Bush dying after the election, but before being sworn in. Gibson's and others have him dying (Gibson specifically says killed)some time in the second term. One even goes as far to say that he is killed in a parking garage explosion.

I wish I had all the links for these. Most of them I have seen on private prophetic lists.

I really don't know what to do with this sort of information. Does that 20 year thing matter? I do believe in curses, as the Bible lays out. Curses are the opposite of blessings. You believe in blessings, no? I wonder if someone somewhere broke that curse when Reagan was President. Curses can be broken, for Jesus was made a curse for us. Hmmmm.