Thursday, October 28, 2004

The field is closed--go sow elsewhere

TBN has canceled next week's Praise-a-thon and instead will show 40 hours of telethon reruns in it's place. The twice annual affairs bring in $90 million for TBN. The reasoning:

Network officials said the decision was made earlier this month due to concerns about the health of network co-founder Paul Crouch, 70, and his wife Jan, 66, who are its most popular on-air personalities...Paul Crouch Jr., a network executive and son of its founding couple, said his mother had been slow to recover from recent gallbladder surgery and was not up to the weeklong telethon.

But they also acknowledge the decision would take the pressure off of guest pastors concerned about the controversy.
The controversy being founder Paul Crouch's coverup of an alleged homosexual affair. Paul Crouch Jr characterizes this as persecution and says, "It seems that when TBN is persecuted, so goes the whole body of Christ." Is this persecution, or the hidden works of darkness being revealed?

The canceling of the telethon will only serve to further cocoon them from reality in this matter. If they brought in only 1/4 or 1/3 of the cash they normally do, they would know that they have a huge credibility problem. Anyway, I guess the "good ground" of TBN is closed for now. The sowing and reaping cycles of the prosperity gospel will take a breather. So it begs the question: where will the sheep turn to get that 100-fold return on their money? Maybe a little relearning can take place. Here is a good place to start.