Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Johan Santana and the American People

Well, my picks from yesterday afternoon proved to be a little high.
I predicted Santana would give up 2 runs to the Yankees--he gave up 0.
I thought Cheney would verbally smackdown Edwards 3 times--he only did once or twice.
126 seconds for blogger to publish--not sure, but it was less than 60. (what's up with blogger being soooooo painfully slow the last few days)

I can only hope my Green Bay Packers season win total was a little high too. I said 4 wins, which would make them 4-12 on the year. I suppose I could live with 3-13 or 2-14. :-)

I also said John Edwards would use the phrase "American people" 37 times during the VP debate. I checked the transcript. I was a little high here too. He used it 27 times. Edwards can be really prophetic psychic. He likes to opine on what the American people are thinking and what they are going to do. It's almost tough to listen to him speak if you are aware of this idiosyncrasy.

Here's an interesting exchange in the debate:

EDWARDS: May I respond briefly?

What the vice president has just said is just a complete distortion. The American people saw John Kerry on Thursday night. They don't need the vice president or the president to tell them what they saw. (They don't need Bush or Cheney to tell them what they saw...Let me tell them what they saw--ed)

They saw a man who was strong, who had conviction, who is resolute, who made it very clear that he will do everything that has to be done to find terrorists, to keep the American people safe.

He laid out his plan for success in Iraq, made it clear that we were committed to success in Iraq. We have to be, because we have troops on the ground there and because they have created a haven for terrorists.

IFILL: Mr. Vice President, you have 30 seconds.

CHENEY: Your rhetoric, Senator, would be a lot more credible if there was a record to back it up. There isn't.

And you cannot use "talk tough" during the course of a 90-minute debate in a presidential campaign to obscure a 30-year record in the United States Senate and, prior to that by John Kerry, who has consistently come down on the wrong side of all the major defense issues that he's faced as a public official.

***I know that politicians use rhetoric all the time to get elected. But, doesn't it seem that Kerry and Edwards go way overboard with the rhetoric. We can do better. I have a plan. Bush is wrong, wrong, wrong and we can do better. Does Style win over Substance? In our Hollywood, soulish society I wouldn't be too surprised if it did. But, when all you have is just doesn't seem right.