Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jots and Tittles 103004

WND has an article up on John Kerry's 'born-gay' science...A blogger gets a visit from the Secret Service after talking about killing the President on her blog...Belmont Club analyzes the Bin Laden video...

CT reports the reaction of an Episcopalian Bishop to the charges that 2 of his priests are practicing druids and promote pagan rituals:

"I am extremely concerned by the charges made against the Melnyks, yet I am also concerned about the reputations and pastoral needs of two priests who have contributed very positively to their parishes and this diocese for four years," Bennison said. "I will not allow this situation to turn into a witch-hunt of any sort."
...turn into a witch-hunt?!? Um, yeah, they are witches...what an odd phrase choice.