Saturday, October 09, 2004

Matt LeBlanc knows how to deny something

I have questioned the TBN responses to allegations that founder Paul Crouch had a homosexual affair with an employee. The denials have been along the lines of 'the allegations are utterly false.' You don't know quite know what allegations they are denying: the homosexual affair or the firing or the sexual harassment. The answers are always convoluted and they seem to be more legalese than flat out denial.

Actor Matt LeBlanc's former driver, Damian Plumleigh, is saying that LeBlanc cruised for gay sex while in the back of the limo he drove. LeBlanc knows how to categorically deny something:

"I have never asked to be set up with gay hustlers," he said. "It's absolutely not true. I am not bisexual. I am not gay. I have never had sex with men. Setting the record straight is not only important because of me and my life, but also because of my family."

He added that Plumleigh's claims that he used to work for him were also untrue. "Plumleigh drove me on a few occasions. When he says he hooked me up for gay sex, it's a 100 per cent lie. He worked for the company that Warner Brothers used. He was part of a hired limo service. He was not employed by me. I was uncomfortable with him so I stopped using him."
That's a solid denial. No questions left unanswered. TBN take note.