Friday, October 29, 2004

More on ECUSA

Two posts below this post is one dealing with pagan worship in the Episcopal Church USA. If you click on the link in that post, it is no longer active as they have taken the pagan liturgy down from their website. They are taking heat from all over Christendom. It turns out that the Episcoplian priest who wrote the liturgy moonlights as a Druid--yes, she and her husband are involved with the wiccan religion.

Here is something her husband posted to a druid message board:

Raven [apparently Glyn Lorraine Ruppe Melnyk, the Episcopal rector and author of the "Women's Eucharist"] and I have come under vicious attack from Anglican fundamentalists re our connection to druidry. Hour by hour the attacks are spreading on fundamentalist BLOGs across the country
And the Episcopal church is saying this is all a big misunderstanding, and took the liturgy down from it's website because of copyright problems, even though "the Episcopal News Service sent out a dispatch Monday highlighting 'worship resources that are currently available to be downloaded and used by all.'" (including this Queen of Heaven/raisin cake pagan ritual)

The interesting Christianity Today weblog has all the info on this...they are kinda like Instapundit, but for Christians. Very interesting reading:

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