Friday, October 22, 2004

Mr Daschle of DC

The National Review is on the Daschle residency story. Daschle listed his DC mansion as his domocile, which means he intends to live in DC and not return to his previous home, and according to law that means he gives up residency in South Dakota. All for a $288 tax break. Daschle dismissed the allegations as " . . . just another personal attack that has no basis in fact." *chuckle*

He either gives up his right to vote in SD, and probably represent them in Congress, or, faces a $1000 fine and/or 100 days imprisonment for swearing to false information in order to get the tax break. I doubt the logical conclusion to all this would come about. Wouldn't it be nice if the rules that apply to you or me, applied to all the pseudo bigwigs in Washington? (you're starting to talk like a Nader supporter--ed)