Wednesday, October 27, 2004

No respect

Matthew says that John Kerry Fundamentally Misunderstands the Role of Commander in Chief:

Kerry’s persistent disparagement of the US Military in a futile effort to achieve his life’s ambition is further evidence for his unfitness to serve as CINC. Kerry has no idea how to be President, and he has no business trying to learn it on the fly during one of the most dangerous episodes in US History.
I am always dumbstruck when Kerry calls the President incompetent, when he calls him a liar. He shows no respect for the man who holds the office he seeks. All we hear is a constant harangue of derision and reviling. There can be a respectful discussion of differences, but Kerry will have none of that. I am reminded that we tend to judge others, where we ourselves are weak; and Kerry's judgments of President Bush expose the weaknesses in Kerry's character that he is trying to hide from public view.