Sunday, October 31, 2004

Politics should stop at the water's edge

Won't you be glad when this election is over? After next Tuesday, and about 3 weeks of Democratic lawsuits challenging the results, we can finally put this all behind us and move on, like our friends at moveon dot org want us to do. Well? Don't ya think? I think we'll move on if Kerry wins, but I don't find that likely. I think Bush is going to win, and I don't think it'll be close.

So what then? Are those in the far left going to boil over and fester in their hatred for the President for 4 more years? Jim Geraghty says "that there was an old saying about politics stopping at the water’s edge." Well, that's not the case anymore. Even Bin Laden is using Kerry talking points in his terrorist rantings (My Pet Goat)...he might as well have been wearing a Kerry/Edwards lapel pin. Kerry even went as far as to release their own polling data on how the people percieved the Bin Laden tape. Luckily, they conclude it didn't help Bush, so they can go back to disrespecting the President and the office they desire.

The hatred on the left is weakening our nation before the nations of the world. Eyes look at the extremes, and those overseas can see the vitriol of the left and think that that is the sentiment of an entire nation. Not good, not good.

Theory: Conservatives are generally more God fearing than are liberals. When Conservatives go over the edge with disdain for individuals or policies, it is more tempered and is not long lasting. We have an internal balance that doesn't allow us to go that far 'out there' or to stay there if we do. When the godless liberals go over the line into unrighteous indignation, they have nothing to draw them back to reality. Truth is relative and they have no moral code as a standard of righteousness to stop them, so they stay there and rant and rave with the Michael Moore's, the George Soros's, and the Rosie O'Donnell's. All for the good of our nation. *rolls eyes* (When I say godless liberals, I refer to the 20% of liberals on the far left of that spectrum, you know who you are).

I was reminded this morning, that even though I think John Kerry is clearly unfit to be our President, that if God gives him stewardship of the Presidential office for four years, we Christians must pray for him. Like I said, I don't think it will happen, but if it does, we as Christian citizens must submit and offer prayer on behalf of our appointed leader. There will come a day when the United States abandons Israel, and I think that day will be sooner, rather than later, under a Kerry presidency, and then we, as a nation, are done. This will be something to keep in watchful prayer no matter who is elected.

I will be glued to the TV on Tuesday, watching the election results roll in. I hope it will be a landslide for Bush, so there will be no shenanigans available for the Democrats to drag it on and on til January. And then Wednesday....the Minnesota Timberwolves begin their season. They are the favorites this year and their quest for the NBA championship should be interesting.