Friday, October 08, 2004

Right wing Jewish activists

Don't know what to make of this.

Activists rebel against Israeli government leader, Ariel Sharon...(rebellion is the principle of Satan, and is as the sin of witchcraft)...They thought of instigating a death curse against the God appointed leader...But, they decided to go with a ritual intended to bring about the removal of the secualar Israeli gov't...

"Sharon's plan is insane and I wish for his death," he said. "We want a Jewish monarchy in Israel and not a secular government with secular political parties. The decisions made by the majority are not decisions since the majority is stupid."

The nisuah hamayim ritual finds its source in the Mishna. During Succot in the time of the Temple, the priests would gather water from the holy Shiloah Spring and would pour it onto the tabernacle in the Temple, accompanied by songs and trumpets. The religious meaning behind the ritual, Weiss said, was to draw strength and spiritual powers from the water, which would then sustain the priests throughout the year.

After reading the whole thing, they are not calling on God to act. They are performing a ritual intended to give them power, namely that the "religious powers will grant us the strength"

First, God recognizes authority and submission to authority, and gives grace to the humble. He resists the proud and self-willed...and the rebellious, as these men are being. Second, performing a ritual for power is the religion of Satan, and these guys are messing with the wrong religous power.