Friday, October 22, 2004

TBN seeks jail for Crouch accuser

I have been following the story of TBN founder Paul Crouch and the accusations that he had sex with a man while that man was employed by TBN. I have contended that they have mishandled this messy affair at every turn. I probably have a dozen posts on this blog about this topic, so you can look thru the archives if you are interested. This post here may be the most comprehensive.

There is a secrecy agreement in place between Crouch and Enoch Lonnie Ford, Crouch's accuser, which means they are not supposed to talk about what went on between them. The LA Times ran a few articles about Crouch, revealing the gay sex allegations. Crouch and TBN responded to the LA Times. Ford thought they violated the agreement right there. When the LA Times asked Ford for an interview, he gave it to them. TBN says to that, "we demand he has to stop talking." Now TBN wants Ford jailed or fined for violating the court ordered secrecy agreement. This comes a week after Crouch sought and received an arbitrator's ruling forcing Ford to pay $136,000 in fees to TBN's legal team, for a court action that Crouch himself initiated.

When are they going to show this guy grace and mercy, like they said they did back when he was an employee? How can we not conclude that the gay sex allegations have merit given TBN's hysterical treatment of Ford and the press? Unless pettiness and bullying into silence are some secret Christian virtue that I have never heard of, and if they have nothing to hide, they need to just let everything run it's course and be done with it.