Friday, October 01, 2004

Townhall column about ex-gays

I usually check out conservative website Townhall every day. Many conservative columnists from Sowell to Coulter, Malkin to Will, have their columns hosted here. Today, Ryan Zempel, one of the editors of Townhall has a column up regarding ex-gays. He reviews the new video produced by Dr Warren Throckmorton called I Do Exist. It's pretty basic, but a good read. Excerpts:

A 52-minute documentary, "I Do Exist" utilizes the stories of five ex-gays to demonstrate that change is possible for those with same-sex attractions...The video also includes remarks from 2 psychologists who challenge the popular misconception that homosexuality is hardwired.

They do so by citing a seemingly unlikely source -- an American Psychiatric Association (APA) fact sheet on sexual orientation:

Some people believe that sexual orientation is innate and fixed; however, sexual orientation develops across a person's lifetime... To date, there are no replicated scientific studies supporting any specific biological etiology (meaning cause), of homosexuality.... Similarly, no specific psychosocial (or life circumstances) or family dynamics cause for homosexuality has been identified.

While the video [offers] anecdotes and assertions regarding the possibility of change for homosexuals, it notably makes no suggestion that homosexuals should change. Instead, it simply argues that they can if they wish to.

In this, one might falsely assume they have a message that is inoffensive to the gay community. Spitzer, however, describes the severe criticism his study faced and attributes such reactions to gay activists who feel that their political goals are threatened by any suggestion that homosexuals can change.

The existence of ex-gays remains one of the biggest untold stories today. Generally ignored by the media, ex-gays are often shouted down by gay activists when they try to raise their voices. They are misunderstood by both a secular society that largely accepts homosexuality and a religious world that largely doesn't. But they won't remain closeted forever. This documentary is simply chapter one in a story that's just beginning to unfold.
Very nice. Even a touch of the prophetic at the end there. As they say, click the link and read the whole thing.