Thursday, October 28, 2004

A walk in the park

Let's say your walking through the park one day and you come across a group of women in a circle...they seem to be performing some kind of ritual. Your curiosity is piqued and you sidle over for a closer look, and this is what you hear:

"Blessed are you, Mother God, for you have given us the fruit of the earth. Red as blood, warm as life itself, sweet and intoxicating as love. We thank you for wine. We bless you for the power of this drink to remind us of our own power. We praise you for the strength and beauty of our bodies, and for the menstrual blood of womanhood. We embrace the mystery of life which you have entrusted to us, and we pray for the day when human blood is no longer shed and when woman’s blood is honored as holy and in your image."

"Thank you, Mother, for the abundance of life. Thank you for the rich, full, pleasing, and life giving milk of our bodies. Thank you for the children who drink from our breasts for they bring sweetness to our lives. We drink this cup as your daughters, fed from your own bosom. May we be proud of our nurturing and sustaining selves. May we honor our breasts as symbols of your abundance. Thank you for the milk and honey of your presence with us."

"Mother God, our ancient sisters called you Queen of Heaven and baked these cakes in your honor in defiance of their brothers and husbands who would not see your feminine face. We offer you these cakes, made with our own hands; filled with the grain of life -- scattered and gathered into one loaf, then broken and shared among many. We offer these cakes and enjoy them too. They are rich with the sweetness of fruit, fertile with the ripeness of grain, sweetened with the power of love. May we also be signs of your love and abundance."

"We thank you, Mother, for revealing yourself to us in the mystery of our womanhood. We thank you for the water of life in which we swam in the womb and which gives us the power to weep. We thank you for the blood of life which flows in and from our bodies and which makes us creators in your image as we give birth to new life. We thank you for the milk and honey of life which we receive from our mothers and which we give to our own children. And we thank you for the rich, sweet, and savory taste of life found in the grain of the earth and the fruit of the vine -- the gifts of your body shared with us. May we cherish it and ourselves always, and may we live in your peace."
You may walk away shaking your head thinking you ran across the local coven of witches, or maybe a stray group of new age pagans worshipping their false gods. But you would be wrong.

This is part of A Women’s Eucharist, A Celebration of the Divine Feminine from our friends at the Episcopal Church USA. You know, the ones with the homosexual bishop, the ones who support gay marriage. Jer 7:18 and Jer chapter 44 talk of God's anger at the worship of the Queen of Heaven. It even speaks of raisin cakes being the cakes offered, as they are in this ritual. Romans 1 talks about changing the glory of God into something it is not. You end up worshipping something you think is God, but is not. This blatant idolatry is in line with their teachings on homosexuality. It is the natural progression of things according to God's word. God be merciful to individuals within, if and when judgment falls on this organization.
UPDATE: ECUSA has taken the above link down on their website. This post has more info and links.