Saturday, October 09, 2004

Will Paul Crouch Earn Reward in Heaven? Listen In

TBN has been like a rabbit hiding in its hole the last few weeks. The LA Times ran a series of articles exposing the legal wranglings of Paul Crouch trying to hide a homosexual affair, the opulence of the founders lifestyle, the reliance of the prosperity gospel for fundraising, and the bank account of the network itself. TBN foolishly engaged the Times issuing press releases in an attempt to rebut the assertions of the articles. But for the last few weeks they have been in hiding.

Today, LA Times columnist Dana Parsons takes a stick and jabs it in the rabbit hole, seeing if TBN will come out to play. In a snarky column, titled as this post is titled, Parsons shows she doesn't understand that salvation is by grace, thru faith, not of works, having St Peter standing at the pearly gates grilling prospective heaven dwellers before entry. It compares the schtick of TBN to that of professional wrestling and picks a few quotes that makes Crouch look silly. It opens:

I'd love to eavesdrop on St. Peter the day he grills TV evangelist Paul Crouch outside the Pearly Gates. Based on his body of work, Pastor Crouch probably will slip in, but that doesn't mean St. Peter has to give the guy one of the better tables.

Crouch probably considers himself a shoo-in, based on the worldwide ministry spawned by his Trinity Broadcasting Network. He'll claim credit for millions of otherwise lost souls, and St. Peter will be forced to say, "All right, you're in."

As they say, read the whole thing. Hopefully, someone with wisdom will prevail at TBN and they will not respond to this drivel. Knowing how well their spiritual advisors have advised in the past, I await a press release within the next 48 hours.