Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Worse than the DUI

If the Democrats play this right, Bush's newly revealed personal tolerance for gay civil unions, will be much worse for him than that last second DUI surprise during the 2000 election. The DUI conviction supposedly kept many Christian voters at home on election day in 2000:

President Bush said in an interview this past weekend that he disagreed with the Republican Party platform opposing civil unions of same-sex couples and that the matter should be left up to the states.

Bush has previously said that states should be permitted to allow same-sex unions, even though White House officials have said he would not have endorsed such unions as governor of Texas. But Bush has never before made a point of so publicly disagreeing with his party's official position on the issue.

In an interview on Sunday with Charles Gibson, an anchor of "Good Morning America" on ABC, Bush said, "I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do." ABC, which broadcast part of the interview on Monday, was to broadcast the part about civil unions yesterday.

According to an ABC transcript, Gibson then noted to Bush that the Republican Party platform opposed civil unions.

"Well, I don't," Bush replied.
A civil union is just marriage by another name. What in the world is he thinking? Surely, he doesn't think that this will gain him any votes. It has the potential to lose him many votes by people staying home, thereby making this election much closer than it should be.