Thursday, November 11, 2004

Arafat's demons

Yasser Arafat is dead and there is much rejoicing going on in the blogosphere. I will restrain myself from jumping on the jubilation bandwagon and try to give a perspective of this that you probably won't find elsewhere. There is a lot of speculation pertaining to the divvying up of Arafat's fortune. My interest has to do with the allocation of something else that the terrorist has accumulated over his lifetime. Namely, what happens to Arafat's demons?

I'm not talking about kharma, or general evil, or anything like that. I am talking about real demons, the kind that Jesus cast out of people everywhere he went, the kind that are still oppressing people today. What, you think Yasser Arafat rose to the height of evil without a little help? No, rest assured he had a legion of Satanic spirit guides pushing and prodding, leading and guiding, tormenting and indwelling him until his dying breath.

Now, demons are spirits. Without a body to dwell in, without a house to live in, they walk to and fro in dry places without rest until they attach themselves to a person. But when a person dies, their work is done, and they go off to seek a new home. So where did they go?

1. The Wife--This is the logical place for them to fly off to. The soul tie between a husband and wife is usually the strongest. The marital covenant with its sexual union of two becoming one is the natural place for demons to transfer after the death of a host. In this case however, on the face of it, it doesn't look like they had a strong marriage, with the wife living in Paris and not seeing her husband for the last 3 years. So there probably is a small transfer here amongst the smaller demons. The stronger demons probably won't go to the wife, as their vile desires of murder, political power pride, and religous oppression would find no release in the woman who is not in a position for them to lead her to act out as Arafat was able to, because of the position of leadership that he was in.

2. Their Child--The iniquity of the parent passes to the child, so there is an avenue here for demons to transfer. I imagine some of the small hanger-on demons may find a home here. But as their daughter isn't in a position of power like Arafat, there probably won't be much transfer.

3. The Lovers--It has been reported that Arafat had homosexual lovers, and died of AIDS. So if true, the sexual union, though not as strong as the husband/wife union, would provide a pathway for demonic transfer. Two become one when you are joined to a harlot, just as when you are joined to a wife, just as when you are joined sexually to anyone. It was said that some of his bodyguards were involved sexually with him in the past, so those former lovers may be in line for some new visitors. Any demons with a sexual specialty that skitter off to find a new home would probably go to the lovers.

4. The Blessed--Anyone who submitted themselves to Arafat, and let him bless them, or lay hands on them, would be prime candidates for some of the harsher, more powerful demons. The lovers and the family may not be adequate hosts for the evil these demons wish to compel, so his close aides and subordinates may be better homes for some of the powerful demons, if previous inroads were made by them at the time of submission.

Just like a curse without cause will not alight, demons are forced to be legalists, and cannot automatically transfer to someone without a cause. I think there is mercy involved in demonic transferrence after death, so outside of the family, the bonds between the lovers or the blessed would have to be strong for significant transferrence to take place. Meaning, the bond forged in a one-off sexual encounter, or a one-time hand on the head probably isn't strong enough for a future demonic transfer, although at the time of occurence there may have been transfer.

Some of Arafat's demons surely have found a new home in the above mentioned already. As for the rest, chances are that Satan's headquarters in the heavenlies had an influx of new soldiers reporting in, awaiting new orders. President Jacques Chirac of France, who seemed to stand at Arafat's deathbed in agreement with the terrorist wishing him godspeed, may, May, MAY be in line for a few visitors who will make him rue the day he ever met Yasser Arafat.

UPDATE: Just saw an interview on Fox News with Jacques Chirac outside of the hospital treating the terrorist. He said he came to pay his respects and "bow down" before Arafat. Yes, he actually said bow down. Maybe it's a French thing, I don't know, but that sounds like some pretty heavy duty agreement to me.