Thursday, November 11, 2004

Christian Carnival 43

The weekly Christian Carnival is up at Digitus. Here are some of the thought provoking posts that caught my eye. (I only highlight 8, there are 25 other posts in CC43 for you to look over)

--Violet answers a newspaper columnist's question "What would Jesus do?" in regards to homosexual marriage. A nice post, with an excellent point in the comment section by Violet:

In the end, the Spirit of God, working on people's hearts, not arguments or logic, will win the day in the lives of individuals. Only a move of God working collectively in the lives of many individuals (birthed in prayer, fasting etc. etc.) will be powerful enough to correct the course of our nation.
--Patriot Paradox expounds on the new enemy of the left, Christians. As I surf the internet, the absolute hatred from some people on the left is disarming. They really, really hate George W. And they're not very fond of those who voted him into office. I am amused at the intolerance of the left's view of all things conservative (Granted, intolerance--like the similar hammers called hate, and homophobia--is a secular word of the left whose meaning is skewed in order to intimidate...Nevertheless, I am still amused). Viewpoint has more words on the same topic.

--Cindy Swanson writes about the death of Rockford Illinois's only abortion doctor.
But I must assert today that Dr. Richard Ragsdale was not a hero. Eternity will bear testimony to his real legacy; I believe he is already discovering what that real legacy was, indeed. I'm sorry. I can't shed a tear for Dr. Richard Ragsdale today...although I should be shedding tears for his mortal soul. I am crying for thousands of human lives who were cut, who were killed...who were the Northern Illinois Women's Center.
--Douglas Bass has a series on his blog about Watchman Nee's book The Spiritual Man. If I could only read 10 books for the rest of my life, the Bible would be #1 and this book would be amongst the other 9.

--Cosmo comments on Paul Cain's fall.

--Rebecca has an excellent post on what to do when someone you know dies.

--And finally, Donald Crankshaw has Storyblogging Carnival 5 up on his website. If you are a fiction writer, this carnival is for you.