Friday, November 05, 2004

Christian Carnival

The weekly Christian Carnival is up at King of Fools. A few of the posts that caught my eye:

--Donald Crankshaw points out that the 'religous right' isn't an extreme minority like liberals and the MSM repeats over and over. Looks like we're pretty mainstream from the statistics he cites.

--David Mobley has everything you ever wanted to know about Sola Scriptura.

--Diane points out that not all Christians mindlessly back Bush. As for me, I have my own reservations about him. Not nearly as many as I had for Kerry, but a few that cause concern nonetheless. (Although I am so glad that the election is over, politics are a huge distraction from things that matter)

--Elle takes on Bill Maher.

--And finally, DeoOmnisGloria has a post up on how Catholics worship the eucharist, and concludes with these thoughts..."Do you hunger for God? Do you want a closer relationship with Him? You cannot find a more personal relationship than the Eucharist"...maybe someone should say this...I hear they have a Catholic Carnival somewhere out there in the blogosphere, and that is where this nonsense belongs. Because this stuff is Not Christian, probably even anti-Christ(ian).

Well, that is all that caught my eye. Check out the whole thing for yourself. Next weeks Christian Carnival will be held at Christweb. Deadline for submissions is next Tuesday at midnight EST.