Thursday, November 04, 2004

Israel and the second Bush term

Now that gay marriage is off the table for a season, we need to remember Israel. For whatever reason, God has chosen that little piece of land as something special in His eye. America's dealings with Israel are going to be front and center during the next few years. Tony Blair says that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the:

"single most pressing political challenge in our world today." Blair urged the president to seek peace "between Israel and Palestine" with the "same energy" that he has pursued his agenda in Iraq. Blair placed this quest in the context of "resolving the conditions and causes on which the terrorists prey."
President Bush responded in his first news conference since being reelected:
I'll start with Tony Blair's comments. I agree with him that the Middle East peace is a very important part of a peaceful world. I have been working on Middle Eastern peace ever since I've been the President. I've laid down some -- a very hopeful strategy on -- in June of 2002, and my hope is that we will make good progress. I think it's very important for our friends, the Israelis, to have a peaceful Palestinian state living on their border. And it's very important for the Palestinian people to have a peaceful, hopeful future. That's why I articulated a two-state vision in that Rose Garden speech. I meant it when I said it and I mean it now.
The death of Yasser Arafat, if he is indeed dead, is going to throw a monkey wrench into our dealings in the Middle East. As long as Arafat had an iron grip on the bank accounts, it was his vision that was carried out by the 'Palestinians'. And that meant much talk, but no action. As long as Arafat was in control, there would be no peace between Israel and his factions. Arafat's vision was the destruction of Israel, not peace.

Now, we await the next leader. And if this next leader is willing to accept land in order to call off the suicide bombers, to stop the conflict; well, that is not to be thought of as a good thing. Dividing the land of Israel is not part of God's plan for His nation. And if we, America, try to manipulate for the sake of peace, by dividing the land, we do so to our destruction. It is my understanding that if we divide Israel, we too shall be divided, physically, as a nation. If the new Palestinian leader is willing to deal, are we spiritually smart enough to stay out of it? I don't think we are.

I don't think there will be peace in Israel until the Lord Jesus Christ returns. And I know there will be a time that ALL nations will gather to battle against Jerusalem, including the USA (Zec 14). It would be very easy for America to draw back it's support of Israel, seeking a (temporary) respite from Islamofascism. And if that day happens, we will inevitably join the enemies of Israel. Just some things to keep in mind and in prayer. Nevertheless, Maranatha; we are Christians first, Americans second. Thy will be done, Lord God of Israel.