Saturday, November 06, 2004

Jots and Tittles 110604

--That Newsweek behind the scenes look at the campaigns during this election cycle is fascinating and is found here. Powerline, as always, has a good read on Kerry's loss found here.

--The word of the day is mandate. Bush won. He is the president. Let him govern. This mandate talk is all nonsense, an excuse for the losing party.

--Moral Values decided the election? Maybe. Surprised? Why? We are created by a Creator. For God, moral values are called righteousness and unrighteousness. Our individual consciences were created by God. They are programmed with what God declares to be right and wrong. Morality isn't flexible. What was immoral 1000 years ago, is immoral today. No matter what anyone says, the pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality folks are always going to lose to those who vote primarily on moral issues, because morality doesn't change.

--Locusts about to invade Israel? Maybe...Remembering Keith Green.

--Marriages Restored has a couple posts about keeping secrets, and how our victories are hindered when we keep our issues to ourselves...I know that for me, when I told my closest friend about my problem with homosexual sex that victory and deliverance and salvation seemed to come more readily.