Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The prosperity gospel of the Democrats

Star light, star bright, Star Parker skewers the Democrats tonight:

The "faith factor" problem of some Democrats is not that they do not have faith. It is that some have faith in the wrong things. The Democratic gospel preaches an all-encompassing faith that politics and government will solve our personal problems. Not earning enough money? Don't have a high-school diploma? Not happy with your insurance policy or retirement plan? Is your daughter pregnant? Feel in general that your life is out of control? Turn to President, Senator or Congressman Democrat and get it solved.

...The Democratic Party is now perceived, for good reason, like a late-night infomercial selling products that will make you instantaneously rich, thin and beautiful. All that you need is faith that the salesman is telling the truth and a credit card...Democrats refuse to let go of the secular religion that they have long been hawking, that Americans should place their faith in government to solve their personal problems...
Infomercial? Maybe. How 'bout like a TBN Praise-a-thon? Sow your dough into TBN, reap a huge return. Sow your vote into the Democratic party, reap government assistance. Are you sick, we'll heal you with health insurance for all. We'll weaken our national defense, but you get free chips and salsa.
Fewer and fewer Americans are being seduced by the line that their children are not being educated because not enough money is being pumped into the public school system or that health care costs too much because government is not spending enough. More and more Americans are appreciating that no one but they themselves can think about what will happen if they or their kids don't get a good education or about being prepared for life-interrupting occurrences like loss of a job.
You know, I don't place my trust in either political party to save me. But, when it comes to choosing a party that is closest to my moral values, and makes sense from a governing standpoint, I can't help but lean Republican. Most Americans seem to agree, as our nation's map is mostly red and we have had only two Democratic Presidents since Richard Nixon.
The "faith factor" that distinguishes Republicans from Democrats today is a faith in personal responsibility vs. a faith in dependence and government. The problem for Democrats is once they come clean about the truth here, they'll all have to become Republicans.
I remember in 2000 talking to a 45-yr old woman about that year's election. She had no idea what the difference was between a Democrat and a Republican. Our conversation drew the interest of some young co-workers, and not one of the 4-5 people who joined us, and were planning on voting Democrat in 2000, had any idea what the difference was between the two parties. Personal responsibility vs. a faith in dependence and government pretty much sums it up.