Sunday, October 31, 2004

Politics should stop at the water's edge

Won't you be glad when this election is over? After next Tuesday, and about 3 weeks of Democratic lawsuits challenging the results, we can finally put this all behind us and move on, like our friends at moveon dot org want us to do. Well? Don't ya think? I think we'll move on if Kerry wins, but I don't find that likely. I think Bush is going to win, and I don't think it'll be close.

So what then? Are those in the far left going to boil over and fester in their hatred for the President for 4 more years? Jim Geraghty says "that there was an old saying about politics stopping at the water’s edge." Well, that's not the case anymore. Even Bin Laden is using Kerry talking points in his terrorist rantings (My Pet Goat)...he might as well have been wearing a Kerry/Edwards lapel pin. Kerry even went as far as to release their own polling data on how the people percieved the Bin Laden tape. Luckily, they conclude it didn't help Bush, so they can go back to disrespecting the President and the office they desire.

The hatred on the left is weakening our nation before the nations of the world. Eyes look at the extremes, and those overseas can see the vitriol of the left and think that that is the sentiment of an entire nation. Not good, not good.

Theory: Conservatives are generally more God fearing than are liberals. When Conservatives go over the edge with disdain for individuals or policies, it is more tempered and is not long lasting. We have an internal balance that doesn't allow us to go that far 'out there' or to stay there if we do. When the godless liberals go over the line into unrighteous indignation, they have nothing to draw them back to reality. Truth is relative and they have no moral code as a standard of righteousness to stop them, so they stay there and rant and rave with the Michael Moore's, the George Soros's, and the Rosie O'Donnell's. All for the good of our nation. *rolls eyes* (When I say godless liberals, I refer to the 20% of liberals on the far left of that spectrum, you know who you are).

I was reminded this morning, that even though I think John Kerry is clearly unfit to be our President, that if God gives him stewardship of the Presidential office for four years, we Christians must pray for him. Like I said, I don't think it will happen, but if it does, we as Christian citizens must submit and offer prayer on behalf of our appointed leader. There will come a day when the United States abandons Israel, and I think that day will be sooner, rather than later, under a Kerry presidency, and then we, as a nation, are done. This will be something to keep in watchful prayer no matter who is elected.

I will be glued to the TV on Tuesday, watching the election results roll in. I hope it will be a landslide for Bush, so there will be no shenanigans available for the Democrats to drag it on and on til January. And then Wednesday....the Minnesota Timberwolves begin their season. They are the favorites this year and their quest for the NBA championship should be interesting.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Jots and Tittles 103004

WND has an article up on John Kerry's 'born-gay' science...A blogger gets a visit from the Secret Service after talking about killing the President on her blog...Belmont Club analyzes the Bin Laden video...

CT reports the reaction of an Episcopalian Bishop to the charges that 2 of his priests are practicing druids and promote pagan rituals:

"I am extremely concerned by the charges made against the Melnyks, yet I am also concerned about the reputations and pastoral needs of two priests who have contributed very positively to their parishes and this diocese for four years," Bennison said. "I will not allow this situation to turn into a witch-hunt of any sort."
...turn into a witch-hunt?!? Um, yeah, they are witches...what an odd phrase choice.

Friday, October 29, 2004


You Are a Pundit Blogger!

Your blog is smart, insightful, and always a quality read.
Truly appreciated by many, surpassed by only a few.

More on ECUSA

Two posts below this post is one dealing with pagan worship in the Episcopal Church USA. If you click on the link in that post, it is no longer active as they have taken the pagan liturgy down from their website. They are taking heat from all over Christendom. It turns out that the Episcoplian priest who wrote the liturgy moonlights as a Druid--yes, she and her husband are involved with the wiccan religion.

Here is something her husband posted to a druid message board:

Raven [apparently Glyn Lorraine Ruppe Melnyk, the Episcopal rector and author of the "Women's Eucharist"] and I have come under vicious attack from Anglican fundamentalists re our connection to druidry. Hour by hour the attacks are spreading on fundamentalist BLOGs across the country
And the Episcopal church is saying this is all a big misunderstanding, and took the liturgy down from it's website because of copyright problems, even though "the Episcopal News Service sent out a dispatch Monday highlighting 'worship resources that are currently available to be downloaded and used by all.'" (including this Queen of Heaven/raisin cake pagan ritual)

The interesting Christianity Today weblog has all the info on this...they are kinda like Instapundit, but for Christians. Very interesting reading:

10-27 Beyond the Episcopal Church's Pagan Eucharist
10-28 Episcopal Women's Ministries Responds

Some election predictions

My thoughts, just for fun.

Popular vote:
Bush 53%
Kerry 46%

Electoral College:
Bush 310
Kerry 228

Thune beats Daschle in SD
Marriage amendments pass in all 11 states
Kerry and Edwards challenge everything in the courts ad naseum
Terry McAuliffe spins the loss as a positive for Democrats

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The field is closed--go sow elsewhere

TBN has canceled next week's Praise-a-thon and instead will show 40 hours of telethon reruns in it's place. The twice annual affairs bring in $90 million for TBN. The reasoning:

Network officials said the decision was made earlier this month due to concerns about the health of network co-founder Paul Crouch, 70, and his wife Jan, 66, who are its most popular on-air personalities...Paul Crouch Jr., a network executive and son of its founding couple, said his mother had been slow to recover from recent gallbladder surgery and was not up to the weeklong telethon.

But they also acknowledge the decision would take the pressure off of guest pastors concerned about the controversy.
The controversy being founder Paul Crouch's coverup of an alleged homosexual affair. Paul Crouch Jr characterizes this as persecution and says, "It seems that when TBN is persecuted, so goes the whole body of Christ." Is this persecution, or the hidden works of darkness being revealed?

The canceling of the telethon will only serve to further cocoon them from reality in this matter. If they brought in only 1/4 or 1/3 of the cash they normally do, they would know that they have a huge credibility problem. Anyway, I guess the "good ground" of TBN is closed for now. The sowing and reaping cycles of the prosperity gospel will take a breather. So it begs the question: where will the sheep turn to get that 100-fold return on their money? Maybe a little relearning can take place. Here is a good place to start.

A walk in the park

Let's say your walking through the park one day and you come across a group of women in a circle...they seem to be performing some kind of ritual. Your curiosity is piqued and you sidle over for a closer look, and this is what you hear:

"Blessed are you, Mother God, for you have given us the fruit of the earth. Red as blood, warm as life itself, sweet and intoxicating as love. We thank you for wine. We bless you for the power of this drink to remind us of our own power. We praise you for the strength and beauty of our bodies, and for the menstrual blood of womanhood. We embrace the mystery of life which you have entrusted to us, and we pray for the day when human blood is no longer shed and when woman’s blood is honored as holy and in your image."

"Thank you, Mother, for the abundance of life. Thank you for the rich, full, pleasing, and life giving milk of our bodies. Thank you for the children who drink from our breasts for they bring sweetness to our lives. We drink this cup as your daughters, fed from your own bosom. May we be proud of our nurturing and sustaining selves. May we honor our breasts as symbols of your abundance. Thank you for the milk and honey of your presence with us."

"Mother God, our ancient sisters called you Queen of Heaven and baked these cakes in your honor in defiance of their brothers and husbands who would not see your feminine face. We offer you these cakes, made with our own hands; filled with the grain of life -- scattered and gathered into one loaf, then broken and shared among many. We offer these cakes and enjoy them too. They are rich with the sweetness of fruit, fertile with the ripeness of grain, sweetened with the power of love. May we also be signs of your love and abundance."

"We thank you, Mother, for revealing yourself to us in the mystery of our womanhood. We thank you for the water of life in which we swam in the womb and which gives us the power to weep. We thank you for the blood of life which flows in and from our bodies and which makes us creators in your image as we give birth to new life. We thank you for the milk and honey of life which we receive from our mothers and which we give to our own children. And we thank you for the rich, sweet, and savory taste of life found in the grain of the earth and the fruit of the vine -- the gifts of your body shared with us. May we cherish it and ourselves always, and may we live in your peace."
You may walk away shaking your head thinking you ran across the local coven of witches, or maybe a stray group of new age pagans worshipping their false gods. But you would be wrong.

This is part of A Women’s Eucharist, A Celebration of the Divine Feminine from our friends at the Episcopal Church USA. You know, the ones with the homosexual bishop, the ones who support gay marriage. Jer 7:18 and Jer chapter 44 talk of God's anger at the worship of the Queen of Heaven. It even speaks of raisin cakes being the cakes offered, as they are in this ritual. Romans 1 talks about changing the glory of God into something it is not. You end up worshipping something you think is God, but is not. This blatant idolatry is in line with their teachings on homosexuality. It is the natural progression of things according to God's word. God be merciful to individuals within, if and when judgment falls on this organization.
UPDATE: ECUSA has taken the above link down on their website. This post has more info and links.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

No respect

Matthew says that John Kerry Fundamentally Misunderstands the Role of Commander in Chief:

Kerry’s persistent disparagement of the US Military in a futile effort to achieve his life’s ambition is further evidence for his unfitness to serve as CINC. Kerry has no idea how to be President, and he has no business trying to learn it on the fly during one of the most dangerous episodes in US History.
I am always dumbstruck when Kerry calls the President incompetent, when he calls him a liar. He shows no respect for the man who holds the office he seeks. All we hear is a constant harangue of derision and reviling. There can be a respectful discussion of differences, but Kerry will have none of that. I am reminded that we tend to judge others, where we ourselves are weak; and Kerry's judgments of President Bush expose the weaknesses in Kerry's character that he is trying to hide from public view.

Jots and Tittles 102704

An update on Paul Cain, and why Rick Joyner and company felt they had to reveal his fall into drunkenness and homosexual sin to the church...

Andrew Olmsted thinks that a Kerry presidency will cause an American city to disappear in a mushroom cloud. I am reminded that Jonathan Hansen has prophesied that there will be a nuclear incident in Casper, Wyoming sometime before 2008....

LaShawn Barber posts on why she refuses to get in a flame war with Oliver Willis after he disparages her on his blog. He is very difficult to read, being one of the members of the far left Michael Moore-Rosie O'Donnell, moonbat wing of the Democratic party. A commenter, in the post about LaShawn, says that Oliver will one day regret the extreme hatred he is expressing on his blog. I have to admit, every time I check in on Oliver, I wonder about that same thing...

Jeff Jacoby has more on the religification of John Kerry saying, "Voters will have to judge for themselves whether Kerry's newly prominent religiosity is genuine or merely a facade adopted for political purposes."

Worse than the DUI

If the Democrats play this right, Bush's newly revealed personal tolerance for gay civil unions, will be much worse for him than that last second DUI surprise during the 2000 election. The DUI conviction supposedly kept many Christian voters at home on election day in 2000:

President Bush said in an interview this past weekend that he disagreed with the Republican Party platform opposing civil unions of same-sex couples and that the matter should be left up to the states.

Bush has previously said that states should be permitted to allow same-sex unions, even though White House officials have said he would not have endorsed such unions as governor of Texas. But Bush has never before made a point of so publicly disagreeing with his party's official position on the issue.

In an interview on Sunday with Charles Gibson, an anchor of "Good Morning America" on ABC, Bush said, "I don't think we should deny people rights to a civil union, a legal arrangement, if that's what a state chooses to do." ABC, which broadcast part of the interview on Monday, was to broadcast the part about civil unions yesterday.

According to an ABC transcript, Gibson then noted to Bush that the Republican Party platform opposed civil unions.

"Well, I don't," Bush replied.
A civil union is just marriage by another name. What in the world is he thinking? Surely, he doesn't think that this will gain him any votes. It has the potential to lose him many votes by people staying home, thereby making this election much closer than it should be.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Kerry's weekend faith speech(es)

Late last week I was looking forward to fisking thru Kerry's faith speech he planned to give on Sunday. Then it slipped my mind, and I didn't do it. Radioblogger has some details, so I will just point you there.


Storyblogging Carnival 4 is up at Doc Rampage...latest poll shows Thune leads Daschle in SD Senatorial race by 4 points (biggest lead for Thune of the contest)...LaShawn is mulling over being a Christian and a blogger.

The Christian Carnival will be hosted at From the Anchor Hold this week. Submissions are due by Tuesday October 26th at 10 pm Central time...If you are married, and you or your spouse suffer from mental illness, Julie needs your help with a survey.

Monday, October 25, 2004

John Kerry stuck in junior high?

John Kerry, in the second presidential debate, claimed to have sat down with the UN Security Council for a few hours, a week before voting in October 2002 to authorize the use of force in Iraq. The Washington Post says this is a lie. And it wasn't just in the debate that he has repeated this anecdote. He has told the story at least seven other times. He has all the fruit of a serial exaggerator, one who lies and stretches the truth to perpetuate an aura of self-importance.

Let me compare. Let's say yesterday I went to a Bush campaign rally, and came back and reported this. Yesterday, I had a sit-down meeting with the President (I was seated in the arena). We talked about many things, especially Iraq. The President told me that he is concerned about our future if Kerry is elected. I encouraged him to stay strong (I yelled 'Go Bush' at the rally), and to stay the course (I yelled 4 more years!). At the end of the meeting, we spoke briefly about that debate question whether homosexuality is a choice. He seemed to take my words to heart.

Stretch the truth, stretch the truth, then flat out lie at the end. Kerry has been caught in a number of lies during the campaign, from running the Boston Marathon (no record of this), to being 30 feet away from Bill Buckner when he committed that gutwrenching error in Game 6 of the World Series (newspaper reports refute this, showing he was elsewhere). And they seem to be the inflating one's ego kinda lies or lying anecdotes to prove a point, like this UN one and the Christmas in Cambodia lie. Here is a longer list of his dubious deeds, with links. Michelle Malkin is also commenting on this.

Maybe those Swiftboat guys aren't lying liars after all. Maybe they were on it back at the beginning, exposing John Kerry's lies and exaggerations. It's alot like junior high, where you fib about your exploits with girls to look cool with all the guys.

As we elect the one who will hold stewardship of the Presidential office for the next four years, I am reminded that it is required of a steward to be found faithful, not vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind.

Ps 12:1-3 Help, LORD; for the godly man ceaseth; for the faithful fail from among the children of men. They speak vanity every one with his neighbour: with flattering lips and with a double heart do they speak. The LORD shall cut off all flattering lips, and the tongue that speaketh proud things...

Sunday, October 24, 2004

First Paul Crouch, now Paul Cain

I said the other day that I wished the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice, with handwriting on the wall as backup. But, at this time in my life, I have found that He often has me notice patterns that I come across, which I sometimes find in hindsight that He has led me to. It can all be very sketchy at times, and I am far from trusting Him whenever I come across something that may be from Him.

Well, I have been wondering why I have been "obsessing" about Paul Crouch and his alleged homosexual affair, having blogged about that so many times recently. Now, I notice that Paul Cain, another TBN-style, Christian "giant", is having problems with homosexual sin. I'll just note it for now, and make it a matter of prayer. But I admit, my spiritual curiousity is piqued.

Abortions increase under Bush

Dr Glen Harold Stassen has done a study concluding that abortions have increased under President Bush. I have said before that our pro-choice President hasn't done anything to decrease abortions in our country since taking office. I didn't think that they would be increasing however. Dr Stassen concludes abortions are up because of Bush's economic policies. That argument I believe has little merit, and so I will just give you the numbers:

Abortion was decreasing. When President Bush took office, the nation's abortion rates were at a 24-year low, after a 17.4% decline during the 1990s. This was an average decrease of 1.7% per year, mostly during the latter part of the decade.

Enter George W. Bush in 2001. One would expect the abortion rate to continue its consistent course downward, if not plunge. Instead, the opposite happened. I found three states that have posted multi-year statistics through 2003, and abortion rates have risen in all three: Kentucky's increased by 3.2% from 2000 to 2003. Michigan's increased by 11.3% from 2000 to 2003. Pennsylvania's increased by 1.9% from 1999 to 2002. I found 13 additional states that reported statistics for 2001 and 2002. Eight states saw an increase in abortion rates (14.6% average increase), and five saw a decrease (4.3% average decrease).

Under President Bush, the decade-long trend of declining abortion rates appears to have reversed. Given the trends of the 1990s, 52,000 more abortions occurred in the United States in 2002 than would have been expected before this change of direction.
Conservatives can hope that President Bush, during a second term, will act boldly to decrease abortions in the USA. However, we, the church, should not put our trust in the government in this important matter of life and death.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Mr Daschle of DC

The National Review is on the Daschle residency story. Daschle listed his DC mansion as his domocile, which means he intends to live in DC and not return to his previous home, and according to law that means he gives up residency in South Dakota. All for a $288 tax break. Daschle dismissed the allegations as " . . . just another personal attack that has no basis in fact." *chuckle*

He either gives up his right to vote in SD, and probably represent them in Congress, or, faces a $1000 fine and/or 100 days imprisonment for swearing to false information in order to get the tax break. I doubt the logical conclusion to all this would come about. Wouldn't it be nice if the rules that apply to you or me, applied to all the pseudo bigwigs in Washington? (you're starting to talk like a Nader supporter--ed)

TBN seeks jail for Crouch accuser

I have been following the story of TBN founder Paul Crouch and the accusations that he had sex with a man while that man was employed by TBN. I have contended that they have mishandled this messy affair at every turn. I probably have a dozen posts on this blog about this topic, so you can look thru the archives if you are interested. This post here may be the most comprehensive.

There is a secrecy agreement in place between Crouch and Enoch Lonnie Ford, Crouch's accuser, which means they are not supposed to talk about what went on between them. The LA Times ran a few articles about Crouch, revealing the gay sex allegations. Crouch and TBN responded to the LA Times. Ford thought they violated the agreement right there. When the LA Times asked Ford for an interview, he gave it to them. TBN says to that, "we demand he has to stop talking." Now TBN wants Ford jailed or fined for violating the court ordered secrecy agreement. This comes a week after Crouch sought and received an arbitrator's ruling forcing Ford to pay $136,000 in fees to TBN's legal team, for a court action that Crouch himself initiated.

When are they going to show this guy grace and mercy, like they said they did back when he was an employee? How can we not conclude that the gay sex allegations have merit given TBN's hysterical treatment of Ford and the press? Unless pettiness and bullying into silence are some secret Christian virtue that I have never heard of, and if they have nothing to hide, they need to just let everything run it's course and be done with it.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Daschle out?

In South Dakota, Democrat Tom Daschle could very well be retired from his Senate seat. He is running neck and neck with John Thune in his efforts to be reelected. In a state that overwhelmingly supports President Bush, it is somewhat odd that they want to send back to Washington the man who opposes the President at every turn. I guess they think Daschle's clout as a Senate leader has a transferrence effect on how people see little South Dakota. (it does, just not the way they think it does)

The latest interesting item in this campaign is that they may not be voting to send Daschle to Washington DC after all, but rather sending him home. It looks as if Daschle has given up his official residency in South Dakota, and listed his permanent residence as Washington DC for tax purposes. At the least, he and his wife probably aren't able to vote legally in South Dakota. At the worst, he may not be eligible to represent the state in the Senate.

Go to Daschle v. Thune, South Dakota Politics, or Sibby Online and just keep scrolling down for more information on all this. I have a feeling that these guys are making a tangible difference in the politics and media coverage of their state.

Christian Carnival 40

The Christian Carnival is up and hosted this week at the excellent blog Proverbial Wife. 34 different articles from Christians all over the blogosphere. Here are some things that caught my eye as I read thru the entries and the blogs that they come from.

Chap 29 - Abiding - Wow, what a very well written blog.

Chap 28 - Mr Standfast - This is a great post about journaling. He says "I believe that God wants to draw us out of our self-concern, which can form a kind of insulating crust around our hearts, and into the dangerous world where people hurt and need help." My history with journals is all over the board. I have many notebooks in various states of emptiness, notes from here and there. Many aborted beginnings...writing I can't read, and phrases with exclamation marks behind them, that today, I have no clue why I found significant at the time.

Chap 27 - Dr Pritchard - Very interesting. The post speaks of a husband and wife who have been keeping a prayer journal for 30 years. They keep track of the effect their prayers may be having. Mathematically, 89% of their prayers are answered yes; 2% are answered no; and 9% are in the Not Yet category. I think that shows how the agreement of a husband and wife in prayer is an awesome, powerful gift from God.

Chap 20 - Karagraphy - Great post. "There’s no TiVo for discipleship. No fast forwarding from conversion to sanctification."

Chap 18 - Brad Hightower - I like this man's post very much. Go read it yourself, an excerpt would do it no justice.

Chap 11 - Derek Gilbert - Derek ponders the rapture happening during the middle of the World Series. :-) I don't think that there will be baseball during the tribulation, and considering that the rapture isn't chance of the World Series happening at the time of Christ's return. But, hey, lotsa baseball references on his blog, which is cool with me.

Well, that was interesting. I read thru all the posts, surfed a little on some of the blogs, and was encouraged by much of what I read. I only highlighted 6 here, but there is something for everyone in the 34 Carnival posts. God is at work in many of the bloggers who submitted a post, and I praise Him and thank Him for that. The Christian Carnival is truly a great way to find some people in the blogosphere that you may not have found otherwise. I have added a few of these folks to my favorites list. The schedule of future hosts for the weekly Carnival is found on the sidebar here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

9 Things

9 Things I've never done:

1. shot a real gun
2. played hockey or cricket
3. visited a Methodist or a Episcopalian church
4. been enamoured with the books of Job or Habbukuk in the bible.
5. been to Maine, New York, or anywhere in the NE USA.
6. visited a foreign country apart from Canada and Mexico.
7. driven a motorcycle or a snowmobile.
8. had a pet bird, hamster, or rabbit
9. run a marathon or more than 2 miles at once for that matter

When the well is dry, bloggers can go with the list, or the quiz....the ones that tell you "Which Brady Bunch character are you," or "Which type of tree" you are. Why the need to blog something, anything? Hmmmm. I suppose it has to do with motivations for blogging. Why are you blogging? Why am I blogging?....Hey, wait a minute here, I was just gonna post a list, and go on to the Astros game. The well is dry, remember?....Oh well, I do have a motivation for blogging, but I will keep that to myself for now...because if I told you, then you would know that posts like this, aren't coming out of that pure(?) motive I had when I started this thing. Have a blessed day all.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Why Christians cannot support gay marriage

On another blog, a few of us are having a discussion about gay marriage. A Christian brother is endorsing gay marriage and believes we, as Christians, should support the rights of men to marry men, and women to marry women. I disagree, and believe no Christian should support gay marriage.

First, a foundation:

A. Sex between people of the same sex is sinful behaviour, a sinful act. If you believe that the Bible speaks the truth of God, you shouldn't have a problem agreeing with this statement. We agree with this because this is what God has declared.

The argument:

1. Christians believe that marriage is a lifetime covenant. Two individuals are joined together in marriage for life. We believe that divorce should be a rare occurrence. What God has joined together, should not be divided.

2. We believe that God can and does transform human beings. We agree with God that 1Cor 6:11 speaks to those caught in homosexuality, when it says "And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God." We believe in the transforming power of God. We believe the testimony of ex-gays, myself included, that God has worked a work in their lives and transformed them.

3. We believe that God is "not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance." (2Pet 3:9)

4. It is impossible for us then to support gay marriage. We believe that marriage is a lifelong covenant. If 2 men marry, we, as Christians, believe that they should be together their entire lives, save for the cause of adultery.

5. At the same time, we hope that all men turn from their sin and worship and serve the one true God. We are to be holy and blameless before God, our Father. We hope that all men would be free from bondage, including sexual bondage. Our hope is that the gay identified person would find freedom from all sin, including homosexual sin.

6. So, what happens when a man is married to another man in a lifetime covenant and is set free, by the power of God, of his desires to have sex with those of the same sex? We have added a stumblingblock for them to overcome by supporting gay marriage. Do we now say to the man, stay married to your gay spouse? Even though now his lust is past, and his desire is to live godly and please the God who made him...Even though now he desires to know the Lord fully and walk in His ways...Even though his long suppressed natural desire is now blooming for a helpmeet, for a wife, for a mother of his children. Do we now say, marriage is for life, and you are stuck, so make the best of it?

No, we cannot endorse or support the joining of two people of the same sex in a lifelong covenant and at the same time, pray for their freedom from sin and bondage. Our duty to God, as part of His family, as citizens of His kingdom, is that His ways become our ways. Man may try to argue that marriage is a civil right for gays, but the saints of God cannot agree.

UPDATE: On one of my favorite blogs, another discussion on gay marriage where they speak of the rights and wrongs of legislating morality, even though they believe gay marriage is immoral. My post here, however, is a response to the Christian brother at intheouter who is in favor of gay marriage itself.

Monday, October 18, 2004

I guess Walt Brown won't get my vote

Via Parableman, here is a quick test to see how compatible your views are with those of the Presidential candidates. Here are my Results:

1. Your ideal theoretical candidate. (100%)
2. Bush, President George W. - Republican (87%)
3. Badnarik, Michael - Libertarian (62%)
4. Peroutka, Michael - Constitution Party (35%)
5. Kerry, Senator John, MA - Democrat (32%)
6. Cobb, David - Green Party (7%)
7. Nader, Ralph - Independent (7%)
8. Brown, Walt - Socialist Party (1%)

I was surprised that my Peroutka number wasn't a little higher. On the surface, and in a shallow sorta way, I thought I agreed with him more. I'm not surprised that my Nader number is so low. Why is that guy in the race again? It's one thing to try and build a party based on principles, like the libertarians, constitution folks, or even the socialists. But what is Nader trying to build? for he is an independent. Hmmmmm.

Better late than never

In the last presidential debate, the question was asked, "Is homosexuality a choice?" John Kerry's invocation of Mary Cheney and his agreement that homosexuality is not a choice, caused quite an uproar (the former much more than the latter). What I missed was that CNSNnews ran a story of ex-gay reaction. I don't see a permanent link for it, so I will just give you the relevant excerpts:

"Senator Kerry, in his answer, basically invalidated me as a person," said Jeralee Smith, a self-proclaimed former lesbian who runs a support group for "ex-gay" educators. "I have experienced significant change in my sexual orientation and my feelings."

Ex-homosexuals told that Kerry obviously didn't have a grasp of the issue. Even though some research has pointed the possibility of a "gay gene," other scientific studies have shown that environmental factors are equally responsible for a person's sexual orientation.

Shortly after Kerry made the remark Wednesday, reaction started pouring into Warren Throckmorton, a professor at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. Throckmorton said ex-homosexuals expressed outrage to him about Kerry's comment.

"Kerry's views, unfortunately, present a view of homosexuality that science does not support," Throckmorton said. "Bush, wisely, has reserved judgment and his views are closer to where science has progressed to at this point. I'm concerned that Kerry misled the country."

Throckmorton, considered an authority on sexual orientation research, recently released his own documentary, "I Do Exist," which chronicles the lives of ex-homosexuals.

"If people are born gay and they're being who they are, then what about all these ex-gays?" he asked. "What about all the people on my film, 'I Do Exist,' who once believed they were born gay, but through a process of change and reflection, now are attracted exclusively to the opposite sex."

One of the people who contacted Throckmorton was Chad Thompson, 25, of Des Moines, Iowa, who described himself to as someone who was confused about his sexuality as a teenager. Thompson runs a group called Inqueery, which helps ex-homosexuals in schools.

"It sounds like John Kerry is saying that I don't exist," Thompson said. "I certainly wouldn't want someone representing me who isn't even willing to acknowledge that I'm here."

Thompson added: "I wasn't surprised by the position that he took. But the way in which he stated it really was an insult to the tens of thousands of people that have struggled with homosexual orientation and have chosen to come out on the other side."

A spokesman for the Kerry campaign didn't return a message Thursday. The Human Rights Campaign, a homosexual activist group supporting Kerry, released a statement Wednesday accusing Bush of putting "politics ahead of the science" on the homosexual choice question.

Some ex-homosexuals wish Bush knew more about them so he could have given a more definitive answer at the debate. One such person is Alan Chambers, executive director of Exodus International, a Christian ministry that counsels homosexuals.

In his personal capacity, Chambers, a former homosexual, supports Bush. In a letter he drafted to the president, Chambers said he was proud of Bush's leadership, but he wanted him to better understand the issue and get to know ex-homosexuals.

"We all have a choice to do what is best, and with regard to acting on my homosexual feelings and inclinations, I did not choose God's best for me or for society when I chose to act upon them," Chambers wrote. "However, I did finally choose to live beyond those feelings and today I am not a homosexual nor am I tempted to be one."

Exodus International plans to make a public pitch Friday, said Randy Thomas, the ministry's communications director. Thomas, also an ex-homosexual, said he was personally offended by Kerry's comments, but not necessarily surprised.

"There is absolutely zero scientific evidence that would suggest people are born gay," Thomas said. "It's a simplistic answer that will pander to people that he is winking at when he says he is not for gay marriage. But in reality, he promotes rhetoric that is straight out of a gay activist brochure."

Kerry's answer aside, ex-homosexuals had praise for Schieffer for merely asking the question in the fashion he did.

"Just the fact that the question was asked was incredible," said Smith, a teacher from Grand Terrace, Calif. "It is indicative of the progress we've made as a movement."
The letter that Alan Chambers wrote to the President is found here. And Dr Throckmorton's full comments are found on his website here. I wasn't outraged or in a huff over all this. I saw a politician speaking rhetoric about something he probably knows nothing about, trying to score, in his misguided way, as many political points as possible. Kerry isn't really about truth, as truth is relative to him--his position on gay marriage is what it is today, but he says, that might change twenty years from now, if the culture changes, so who knows; life begins at conception, but abortion isn't murder--and he will use rhetoric to get as many votes as possible. Alas, sadly, he's actually pandering to the majority for once:
Yet, on the question of whether homosexuality is a trait or a choice, more people take Kerry's position. A third of likely voters call homosexuality a choice; 10 percent have no opinion; and, 57 percent say it's the way people are. (That compares with 49 percent in an ABC News/"Washington Post" poll of the general population in 1994.)

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Flu Vaccines

This is fascinating. From Rush Limbaugh via RWN:

Do you remember something called the Clinton Government Vaccine Buying Program? It was sold to us as a way to get prices down and get more children vaccinated and, of course, to keep the evil drug companies from making a profit. The Wall Street Journal says today, "Companies that decided to run these regulatory traps also know that they'll be doing so for very little reward. Before her big health care reform crashed and burned in '94, Hillary Rodham Rodham managed to get Congress to pass a government vaccine buying program for children. Her sales pitch was free vaccines for all kids and higher immunization rates. If we would give this stuff away, she said, more children would be immunized." Oh, goody, wonderful, wonderful. Thus, as a result of Hillary's plan, the government now purchases about 60% of all pediatric vaccines, forcing huge discounts and imposing price caps. The manufacturers were told, ''You can only make so much profit, and you're gonna make this amount, and we're gonna give it away.''

What all this did was screw up the whole private sector mechanism of manufacturing and distributing vaccines. In 2001, the private sector cost of immunizing children with the 20 recommended doses of vaccines was $600 per child. The government price was just $400 per child, with the vaccine makers swallowing the difference. What has this achieved? Vaccination rates for two-year-olds have stagnated at about 74% for the past several years while adult rates are significantly lower, and with the profit margin squeeze to practically zero, some manufacturers have simply said, "We're not making the stuff anymore. It doesn't make sense. We've got this government program that tells us the maximum we can charge, regardless what it costs to make, we're going to be threatened with lawsuits the first time somebody gets sick for whatever vaccine. Screw it!"

And that's why American companies are out of the business and why we have to import vaccines from Great Britain, a combination of Hillary's plan that put a cap on profits, put a cap on prices, and nothing to do with the manufacture price. You combine that with the fact that these manufacturers are subject to constant lawsuits and they said, "Screw it. We're not going to make the stuff anymore," and that's why there is a shortage. This can be traced back to Hillary Clinton's great sounding, compassionate idea, to make sure that every child had a flu shot and every child had a vaccination against various childhood diseases. Well, the fact is only 74% of kids do because there's not enough vaccine. This is not the first real shortage, but because American manufacturers have thrown up their hands and said, "It makes no sense. We are in business, and we don't give things away, and we're certainly not going to take a loss on this."

So they just simply got out of the business. In addition to that, one of the companies that remained and stayed in business was a company called Chiron. They're being sued left and right over financial problems that have nothing to do with the quality of their vaccine. I'm not going to detail what those problems are because it's not relevant, but they're being targeted now. So that's another manufacturer that has put up their hands and said, "Whoa, it isn't worth all this," and so that's why we have to import from Britain, and, lo and behold, they had a company that ended up with their flu vaccines contaminated. Half the supply had to be dumped and this is where we are. We have "outsourced" flu vaccines, essentially, to use a John Kerry word because of Mrs. Clinton's great-sounding program -- remember the name -- the government vaccine buying program."

Friday, October 15, 2004

Paul Crouch "vindicated"

TBN sent out a press release today titled "Paul Crouch Vindicated". Here's the whole thing--

TUSTIN, Calif., Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ -- The American Arbitration Association Arbitrator, through Honorable Robert J. O'Neill, Judge Retired, submitted to the Orange County Superior court its final ruling that it has awarded Paul Crouch Sr., founder and president of the Trinity Broadcasting Network, $136,000 in legal fees from former TBN employee and convicted felon Enoch Lonnie Ford.

Ford, whose current whereabouts are unknown, violated an April 2003 court order that barred him from discussing his 1996 allegations of wrongful termination and sexual harassment.

"As a man of faith, I took the advice of advisors to avoid a long and costly court battle with Mr. Ford and reluctantly agreed to a $425,000 settlement. The fact that Mr. Ford abrogated the agreement and is now avoiding service of the court's process to hide from legal responsibility for his conduct is vindication for me, my wife and the entire TBN family," Paul Crouch Sr. explained.
Vindication means "To clear of accusation, blame, suspicion, or doubt with supporting arguments or proof." This isn't vindication.

Here is what happened. Ford alleged that he and Crouch had a gay affair while employed by TBN and that he was then fired afterwards. Crouch denies everything. Ford considered suing Crouch and TBN. He didn't sue them, but was considering suing them. TBN agreed to settle with Ford. The agreement said both parties couldn't talk about the agreement or what happened to precipitate it.

Ford decides years later his story might be worth some cash. He writes a book. TBN offers Ford $1 million for the book. Ford says how about $10 million. Paul Crouch sues Ford to enforce the secrecy agreement. Crouch wins. This press release is saying that an arbitrator has ruled that Ford must pay Crouch's legal fees. This isn't vindication.

This is a court proceeding, initiated by Crouch, that Ford is getting the bill for. Now, I know that Ford has culpability in all this; but, to have a guy pay your TBN legal team $136,000 when you have (literally) $269 million in cash and bonds on hand--this just aggravates me the more I think about it.

These are not the actions of a man of faith, a Christian leader. A Christian leader would not pay a settlement for something that he says is not true. A man of faith would not put his trust in the legal system in order to preserve his reputation; but, puts his trust in God in all things. TBN and Paul Crouch should be ashamed of themselves over their handling of this whole matter, not claiming vindication.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

That odd debate question

I was shocked during last night's Presidential debate when the question was posed to the candidates, "Is homosexuality a choice?" The media refuses to pose this question in any type of forum, and those who actually bring up the question respectfully, are shouted down as homophobic or are completely shunned. The media won't touch this with a 10-foot pole and it shows up in a Presidential debate? What's up with that? Maybe, just maybe, a public debate will be started in this area.

As an ex-gay, I know the answer to the question. It is a choice, for I, and many others, have chosen to leave that lifestyle behind and walk in freedom from sexual sin. Homosexuals--and such were some of you, says the scriptures and the God who made us. I remember my college days, pre-Christ. I went to bars, I drank much alcohol, I got drunk. I did this many times during those years; it was a pattern of behaviour at that time. I guess, if you had to label me, you would have called me and my circle of buddies, drunks, or scripturally speaking, drunkards. Now, I choose not to drink. I just don't do it anymore. I was a drunkard, now I am not.

Having sex with someone, is a behaviour, it is an action, it is something you do. You can choose who you have sex with, just like I chose to drink, and now choose not to. Yes, there may be feelings of attraction, but that is a choice also. We are to guard and to tend the gardens of our hearts, and this is where these thoughts or feelings come from. Those thoughts die when they are not given nutrients to sustain them. God promises us a new heart when we are born again, and I praise Him and thank Him for this promise that has come to fruition in me.

Really, the question in the debate should have been more pointedly about gay marriage, because that is an issue this election cycle. Or if they really wanted to paint the President in a corner they could have asked, "Is homosexual behaviour a sin?" Moderator Bob Schieffer did use the word sin in a question to Kerry about Catholicism and abortion, so it wouldn't have been out of line in that context.

The choice question was posed to Bush and he responded "I don't know" and went on to discuss the sanctity of marriage. A nice safe answer on a question that I am sure wasn't discussed during pre-debate preparations.

On the other hand John Kerry said:

KERRY: We're all God's children, Bob. And I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney's daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she's being who she was, she's being who she was born as.

I think if you talk to anybody, it's not choice. I've met people who struggled with this for years, people who were in a marriage because they were living a sort of convention, and they struggled with it.

And I've met wives who are supportive of their husbands or vice versa when they finally sort of broke out and allowed themselves to live who they were, who they felt God had made them. I think we have to respect that.
Now, the media is framing this question as if it were one about gay marriage, which it really wasn't. They ignore the fact that Kerry didn't answer the question. He said Mary Cheney would say it wasn't a choice, and those people called "anybody" would say it is not a choice. And, they are focusing on whether or not it was appropriate for John Kerry to bring Mary Cheney into the debate. Here's what Momma Cheney thinks about the whole thing:
"Now, you know, I did have a chance to assess John Kerry once more and now the only thing I could conclude: This is not a good man," she said. "Of course, I am speaking as a mom, and a pretty indignant mom. This is not a good man. What a cheap and tawdry political trick."
Gay conservative writer Andrew Sullivan thinks the exchange is exposing the homophobia of us all. Chuckle. Dean says it shows how the Kerry/Edwards team doesn't know how a Christian's mind works if they think this will turn off the Bush base. A sensible Powerline probably hits the nail on the head:
One set of candidates is going to come out of this looking bad, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be Kerry-Edwads. We may be becoming an "Oprah" society, but I think most Americans still believe that you have volunteer to go on Oprah before your daughter's private family life becomes "fair game" for "discussion" by your enemies.
Boifromtroy gives us the kind of response you would expect if a national debate were ever started on this topic:
Forget Mary Cheney, let's say John Kerry believes being gay is as genetic as being black or being a woman. How can you then say that the Government SHOULD NOT grant equal rights?!?!!!?
And Indepundit has a nice roundup of reaction.

As for me, this was a political ploy that will, if it effects anything, be on the negative side for Kerry. It had to be politics, because in the VP debate, Edwards did the same thing. I agree with Mrs. Cheney that it was cheap and tawdry. If Kerry didn't want to answer the question, he could have made his point using Barney Frank as an example. But Kerry is a politician, first. And he thinks this is going to get him a few votes (very few), either by people directly voting for him, or more likely, people staying home and not voting for the President.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Welcome Bush verse Kerry searchers

The first time it happened I chuckled. The next time I said, Wow, what a coincidence. Every time it has happened since...well, that's a trend. Almost every day I seem to get a visitor who arrived here by trying to search "Bush verse Kerry." So I went to MSN search and there I am at number 2. So, welcome to you if you got here that way.

If you are wondering whom to vote for amongst those 2. Go for Bush. Squelching Islamofascism, gay marriage, and abortion are my big 3 issues and Bush is on the right side of them all. Kerry has been on both sides of every issue for 20 years, so you don't quite know what you'll get. If you are looking for other alternatives, try searching 'Nader verse Peroutka.' Maybe that'll send you to a nice Constitution party website.

If you want more info on the election from blogs: Hugh Hewitt is good, maybe Powerline, or blogsforbush. That will get you started. God bless you in your internet travels. BTW, I have found an online dictionary that is really helpful.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Study finds gay gene flourishes because mothers in families of those who identify as gay give birth to other children, sometimes in large quantities. It explains the Darwinian paradox, whatever that is. At least it's more than thumbprints determining sexuality.

John Kerry--the great physician?

Regarding embryotic stem cell research. John Edwards says:

Christopher Reeve just passed away, and America just lost a great champion for this cause, somebody who was a powerful voice for the need to do stem cell research and change the lives of people like him, who have gone through a tragedy. Well, if we do the work that we can do in this country, the work that we will do when John Kerry is president, people like Christopher Reeve are going to walk, get up out of that wheelchair and walk again.

Vote for Kerry, be healed. This is just so sad.

I eagerly await the day when we will see real healings taking place. You know, the signs that are supposed to follow us believers. I long for that. Paralysis, HIV, Cancer, Loss of a Limb, Psoriasis, Blindness, Deafness--all healed by the Father using the hands of His sold-out children. God is still the Great Physician and this stem cell research using embryos--I cannot see it working. We truly worship, serve, and seek salvation from the creature first, ignoring the Creator.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Twins-Yankees Game 4 Live Blogging

Yankees lead the series 2-1. Do or die for the Twins. Twins have their ace on the hill, Johan Santana. A few more games to pitch before being awarded the Cy Young. Go Twins. On to the game.

Top 1--Jeter out...NY being patient, Santana pitching for the first time on 3 days rest....ARod walks...Sheffield fouls out to Blanco on a 1-2 pitch...Santana has faced the NY 3 times in the last 11 days, so advantage NY...Matsui knocked to the ground by a high fastball--Stop Leaning Over The Plate....Santana not getting the low strike called, c'mon blue...Matsui strikes out on a slider...HooHaa.

Flippin channels--Mikey Waltrip, my bud, 9th in the Kansas Busch race with 18 to go.

Bottom 1--Shannon Stewart, absent so far this series leads off with a single to center...Jacque Jones, who just buried his father a few days ago, singles off the baggy in right...first and third, noooooobody out...Twins could use a nice crooked number in the first...Hunter sac fly to right, twins up 1-0, woohoo...Morneau up, a huge improvement over former first baseman Doug Meintkewicz...Vaszquez has a good breaking ball working, breaking late and ending up below the knees...ARod can't get to a popup in foul ground by the twins bullpen...ugh strike em out, throw em out, as Jones tries to steal second...twins get hosed, no tag's a conspiracy, I tell ya. Twins up 1-0

Flippin channels--Hey, Sewing with Nancy is on PBS...

Top 2--Bernie Williams leads off with a single to right, off of a high fastball--keep it down Johan...Posada flies out to the warning track in center...Santana not dominant so far--when he is awesome, he flies through the middle innings, so, hopefully that is what we will see......Ruben Sierra, who last smiled in 1998, hitless in the series, walks...Santana throwing a lot of breaking balls...Fastball, changeup is why he dominated and will win the Cy Young, probably trying to vary things because of facing NY so many times recently...John Olerud, first and second, one out, strikes out looking, Y-E-S!...Now we are just a Nine Hitter away from out of the inning...Cairo, he ain't much Johan, c' to right, can o' corn...Twins 1 NY 0

Bottom 2--Corey Koskie, zzzzzzz.....Verylongatbats for the twins 3b....great play by ARod to throw out out...Lew Ford, who should be playing left instead of Stewart, because Stewart is banged up and Ford is probably better in the first place, and is playing there today as opposed to the first 3 games of the series, is HBP--way to take one for the team Lulu...Goooooozman's up--had a good series, hitting .455 and playing great D...Leeeeew steals second, no chance to throw him out...Guzy strikes out swinging, ugh...Cuddyer up, Cuddyer down--swinging...Twins 1 NY 0

Flippin channels--Wisconsin 14 Ohio State 10, just before the half, Go Badgers. (lesser of two evils)

Top 3--Jeter singles to center....big boys coming up...the turf at the Metrodome is new--they used to have this concrete flooring and the old astroturf and it was a lot faster's still fast but not like it used to be...ARod, pops to center, one out...if you make $34,000 per at bat, you could do a little better than this I would think...ugh, Blanco can't find a poput in foul territory, Morneau too late to get there--that's not Twins baseball...Henry you're in there for your defense, c'mon...Twins have an awesome catcher injured, Joe Mauer...He may be the next Johnny Bench if he can play catcher--he might have to move to another position because of an injury to his knee and the agony of crouching 3 hours a day...Meanwhile, Sheffield taps out to second, Jeter advances...Ok, Johan is getting a few low strikes called, this is good news...Matsui, singles to right, Jeter scores, Johan doesn't back up the plate as the throw gets away from Blanco--error Blanco--Matsui to 2nd...Hmmmm...Play Some D Blanco...Bernie flies out...Twins 1 NY 1

Bottom 3--My favorite Twin of all time is Rod Carew...when they traded him to California, I stopped being a Twins fan and switched over to the, of course, I missed being a fan during their 2 World Series wins...And the Cubs break your heart every year...Twins down 1-2-3...And we are still tied.

Top 4--Santana up to 57 pitches thru 3...Gardenhire doesn't trust anyone besides Nathan and Rincon in the bullpen, so this is not good...Hore Hay Posada sit down...Ru-Ben of Legkick singles to easy innings for Santana, so far...Nice play by Morneau to force out Posada at 2nd, of course Dougy Defense would have turned two on that hard hit grounder...Cairo lines to left off a high fastball...Jeter, who sucks, :-), has a 14 game hitting streak in Division Series games...the crowd comes to their collective feet on a 1-2 pitch, curve in the dirt, swing and a miss...and we are still tied 1-1...WooHoo

Bottom 4--I remember going to a Twins game back when I went to school in the Twin Cities...this was when I was in my Not-A-Twinsfan stage...Torii Hunter walks to lead off the inning...this is a good thing...anyway, Roy Smalley was playing in his last season as a Twin and it was late in a blowout had left, the silence of the Dome was deafening...We were sitting in about the 7th row, right parallel to the first base bag...WooHoo, Sheffield loses a fly in the roof, Morneau doubles Hunter to third...So, Smalley singles and is standing on first...With a few beers in me, I yelled out 'Smalley, you suck.' heckle could be heard in all parts of the ballpark...and Roy Smalley stared me down--he kept staring until I was the one to look away first...I felt so little...(Beer drinking was pre-Christ)...back to the live action, Koskie, on the first pitch, sac fly to left, Hunter scores...Leeeeeew Ford pops out to third, and as Harry Caray would say, 'that wouldn't be a homerun in a phone booth'...Guzman, swinging and missing like a little leaguer, somehow, doesn't swing at 4 pitches and draws a rare walk...first and second, two out...Cuddyer, 3-2 pitch, runners going, grounds to first...where's Chuck Knob-block, where's Rob Wilfong...Oh well, Twins take the lead, 2-1...I'll have to blog another brush with fame, the time Bobby the Brain Heenan spit on me...that'll be coming up.

Flippin Channels--Mikey finished 12th in the Busch race...Wally Dallenbach finished 11th, what's up with that.

Top 5--ARod, lead off walk..."Walks haunt" goes the Jumbotron...Sheff strikes out on a pitch in the dirt...the bullpen is up--Huh?...ARod steals second, Blanco's throw is whack...(let's pinch hit for him next inning)...Matsui strikes out...Santana is hoppin' now, too bad the pitch count is way up there for him...Burny grounds weakly to short, inning over...Twins 2 NY 1.

Flippin Channels--Notre Dame beats Stanford 23-15...ugh

Bottom 5--My Bobby Heenan spit on me story...this is from back in the days when there was the WWF, the NWA, and the AWA wrestling circuits...The AWA's home was in Minneapolis and they would go to all these small towns in Minnesota to put on shows...A friend and I went to a high school gym to watch the the time, Bobby the Brain still wrestled a little bit...He was in a tag team match that I think included Buck 'rock and roll' Zumhoff...After they lost, I got in the walkway where the wrestlers walked back to the dressing rooms...I said 'Good match, Bobby'...Bobby said to me, 'get your dirty f---ing hand away from me'...and then he spit on me.

Ummmmmmm...HENRY BLANCO just homered to left...who said anything about pinch hitting for him...Doh!...Awesome, Henry, you da man...Stewart out 5-3...Jones, who Fox tells us is a avid bowler in the off season, strikes out...Hunter, probably the worst #3 hitter in the majors, which isn't a knock on him, he just isn't a 3 hitter, blooooops a single to left...Justin--time to step up--we need a crooked number here...Vasquez up to 90 pitches...Morneau, infield single, first and second, two out....we need more runs here action in the NY bullpen...C'mon Corey buddy ol' pal... Koskie takes one for the team, HBP (it)(y)(itch)...Wave those homer hankies kids....Lew Lew, bases loaded...C'mon run scores, two run score, double by Ford....Woohoo...The crowd goes Looooo and morphes into Goooooo, as Christian Guzman is up...strikes out looking, that's ok, go play some D...Twins 5 NY 1...Yeah!

Flippin Channels--That Wilson guy on Home Improvement is funny...Whatever happened to him?

Top 6--Grant Balfour is in...crazy name for a pitcher...Ball Four...pronounced Bal-for, rhymes with pal door...1...2...3...easy inning...phew...Twins up 5-1.

Bottom 6--Esteban Loiza um Loisa um Loaiza in the game for NY...Cuddyer greets the ex-White Sock with a single to left...Henry, Henry, Henry...Cuddyer out stealing, 3rd Twin today caught pilfering...Henry, Henry, Henry...Blanco singles to hit for Henry, whatta idiot...Ghosts of White Sox past, haunting the Yankees...White Sox suck against the Twins, and Loaiza has some of the WS iniquity left in him, having come over to NY midseason from Chicago...Stewart fouls out before Jones singles up the middle, Henry to third...argh, Torii fouls out to first on the first pitch...still too close... Twins 5 NY 1

Top 7--Wow...Balfour looks good...strikes out Cairo, high heat, take a I think the crowd is chanting 'homer hanky'...I have one of those from last year, and the year before when the Twins were in the playoffs...didn't get to go to the games, but friends brought me back one...oh boy, Grantbuddy is fired up, yelling as he strikes out Jeter...ARod fouls out...not quite good morning, good afternoon, good night, but we'll take it...1-2-3...Twins up 5-1.

Flippin channels--Tenn 19 Ga 14, bye-bye national championship for the Bulldogs

Bottom 7--Morneau out, Koskie out...LuuFord single to left...Lew Ford, who once literally ironed a shirt while he was wearing it and burned his chest, thrown out stealing...looks like 5 is all we get...Twins 5 Yankees 1

Top 8--Juan Rincon in...Sheff infield hit, to 2nd on wild pitch...ummmm...breath in, breath out...Matsui, who is a man with very large ear lobes, walks....ok, ok...deep breaths...Gardy, get someone up NOW...JC Romero, get him up...Bernie singles to center, scoring one, first and third, nobody out....I need an aspirin... Joe Nathan is up in the pen, he who pitched 3 innings, like yesterday...ok ok 3 days ago...NOOOO...Gardy what are you doing....We are done, it's over, I can't believe it...Posada strikes out...5 outs to go...Sierra up, you can cut the tension with a cat runs from the room when I give her the 'look'...Not now Punky Brewster, I cry... NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Sierra 3 run homer, game tied 5-5... Why'd you take Balfour out Gardy, he had 2 easy innings...Rincon is tired, he's pitched in every game in the series...Gardy, Gardy, what are you doing man...Olerud doubles off the wall...Bout Time Gardy, I cry as he comes out to yank Rincon...Rincon's pitched great this year, but he's obviously tired... Nathan in, and we are officially toast...oh boy...Cairo strikes out, 2 outs...relax, it's not over yet...oh wait Jeter's up...cry, it's over, sob, we're thru, whimper... ok ok ok Jeter grounds to Guzman, inning over...Twins 5 NY 5...argh

Bottom 8--2 outs, Kubel pinchhitting for our man Henry???....Double to right...But, Stewart lines out to short, and we are done, stick a fork in us... 5-5 tie game.

Top 9--ARod double to center, Sheff pops out...I hate to be a pessimist, but I have been a fan of those kinda teams that break your heart...Cubs, Vikings...IBB to Matsui...first and second, one out....Nathan still in the game, now they have Lohse warming up, he their worst starter all year...what's wrong with Romero?... loooong at bat with Burny Williams...they keep showing shots of Twins fans covering their face, covering their eyes--all things i am doing...Williams strikes out...Twins are just leading me on...Posada up, passed ball advances the runners...Henry woulda had that one Pat Borders... oh boy...Posada struck out and the inning is over...We are still tied 5-5....Maybe we still have a chance.

Bottom 9--ooops, missed an out, bladder relief needed, sure you wanted to know that...jones musta made an out, Hunter flies out to left...Justin, strikes out swinging...1-2-3... still 5-5, all over but the crying.

Top 10--Kyle Lohse is in...he can be pretty good, or be pretty bad in the same appearance...9-13, 5.34 ERA...Sierra out, Tony Clark out...hey, Lohse is looking pretty good...Cairo out on a bunt attempt...123...still tied 5-5.

Bottom 10--Well, when I told you the Roy Smalley story, the Twins scored...when I told you the Bobby Heenan spit-on-me story, the Twins scored...racking my brain for another brush with celebrity...Did I ever tell you how I was almost in a Hollywood movie...Oh No, Rivera is in for NY...maybe save that for when the Twins get a guy on base, like in the 13th when Rivera is out of there...Koskie pops out to Jeter... Ford pops out to 2nd...Guzman grounds out to Rivera...1-2-3...this is not good... although we are still tied 5-5.

Top 11--Top of the order for NY...Jeter, Jeter, Jeter... strikes out for the 4th time today...ARod doubles for the 2nd time today...yikes--ARod steals third, now a flyball scores him...Exhale...I need more aspirin...Lohse is shaking off his catcher...this is where he gets in trouble...'Forget about the curveball Ricky, throw him the heater'...Curveball in the dirt, wild pitch...ARod scores...crying begins shortly...popout to Rivas, 2 out... homer hankies work well to wipe away years...Matsui strikes out, inning over... NY 6 MN 5

Bottom 11--Well, I almost was in a Hollywood movie...I was in Vegas and they were shooting Vegas Vacation while I was there, you know, with Chevy Chase...They were shooting outside a casino and needed some people for background shots...They almost chose me, it was soo close...I saw a bunch of the actors, though not Chevy...that's it...That story should be worth 2 runs...of course, I am not supersticious...this story if for entertainment value only...

Offerman pinch hitting... weak groundout to second...Lecroy pinch hitting...Matty go Boom-Boom??? i have a rally hat anywhere... closes eyes, can't watch...Lecroy flies to left....down to their last out...Shannon Stewart...It's been a good year for the Twins...But...groundout to 2nd...Twins lose, twins lose....6-5 the final...

It's been a good year...I can't help but think they should have won this series...remind me not to liveblog again, especially for a team I want to win...not that I am superstiscious, and not like I can spell it...Vikings on Sunday...just say no to liveblogging that...oh well, another season cut short, but they got there, to the playoffs...Great year Twins...See ya next year...Cubs vs Twins in World Series in 2005. :-)

Matt LeBlanc knows how to deny something

I have questioned the TBN responses to allegations that founder Paul Crouch had a homosexual affair with an employee. The denials have been along the lines of 'the allegations are utterly false.' You don't know quite know what allegations they are denying: the homosexual affair or the firing or the sexual harassment. The answers are always convoluted and they seem to be more legalese than flat out denial.

Actor Matt LeBlanc's former driver, Damian Plumleigh, is saying that LeBlanc cruised for gay sex while in the back of the limo he drove. LeBlanc knows how to categorically deny something:

"I have never asked to be set up with gay hustlers," he said. "It's absolutely not true. I am not bisexual. I am not gay. I have never had sex with men. Setting the record straight is not only important because of me and my life, but also because of my family."

He added that Plumleigh's claims that he used to work for him were also untrue. "Plumleigh drove me on a few occasions. When he says he hooked me up for gay sex, it's a 100 per cent lie. He worked for the company that Warner Brothers used. He was part of a hired limo service. He was not employed by me. I was uncomfortable with him so I stopped using him."
That's a solid denial. No questions left unanswered. TBN take note.

Will Paul Crouch Earn Reward in Heaven? Listen In

TBN has been like a rabbit hiding in its hole the last few weeks. The LA Times ran a series of articles exposing the legal wranglings of Paul Crouch trying to hide a homosexual affair, the opulence of the founders lifestyle, the reliance of the prosperity gospel for fundraising, and the bank account of the network itself. TBN foolishly engaged the Times issuing press releases in an attempt to rebut the assertions of the articles. But for the last few weeks they have been in hiding.

Today, LA Times columnist Dana Parsons takes a stick and jabs it in the rabbit hole, seeing if TBN will come out to play. In a snarky column, titled as this post is titled, Parsons shows she doesn't understand that salvation is by grace, thru faith, not of works, having St Peter standing at the pearly gates grilling prospective heaven dwellers before entry. It compares the schtick of TBN to that of professional wrestling and picks a few quotes that makes Crouch look silly. It opens:

I'd love to eavesdrop on St. Peter the day he grills TV evangelist Paul Crouch outside the Pearly Gates. Based on his body of work, Pastor Crouch probably will slip in, but that doesn't mean St. Peter has to give the guy one of the better tables.

Crouch probably considers himself a shoo-in, based on the worldwide ministry spawned by his Trinity Broadcasting Network. He'll claim credit for millions of otherwise lost souls, and St. Peter will be forced to say, "All right, you're in."

As they say, read the whole thing. Hopefully, someone with wisdom will prevail at TBN and they will not respond to this drivel. Knowing how well their spiritual advisors have advised in the past, I await a press release within the next 48 hours.

Eject x 3

I was watching my beloved Twins fall to the Yankees tonite, and so missed most of the debate. I did switch over during commercials and the extended Corey Koskie at-bats which usually take 10 minutes before resolution. Every time I flipped over and Kerry was speaking, it was, 'Bush is wrong, I have a plan, Bush is wrong, I have a plan.' Every time, every issue. I pity those folks who play drinking games while watching the debates. Those who downed a shot every time JK said 'I have a plan' are out of commission for the weekend.

The impression I get is that Bush wants to be President for the next four years in order to lead our nation in troubling times. I get the impression that Kerry wants to be President because he wants to be President.

Kerry has no respect for the office he is seeking. The man in office is worthy and due our respect, and Kerry gives him none, reviling him at every opportunity. You can disagree and still be respectful.

I saw an abortion question asked. Bush is weak on abortion, middle of the road, moderate. Abortion shows the true Kerry. A man who believes something but is not willing to act on it because of its political implications. And this isn't a mundane issue like tax cuts or the environment. This is about a human being's life. And if you believe that life begins at conception, as Kerry does, there is no way you can rationally support abortion.

Bush debating Kerry--we all know that the earth is round, a sphere. For Bush, it's like debating someone who believes the earth is flat. You look on and have no idea how to answer, because the rationale behind the answers is so convoluted. I pity Bush because everything that comes out of Kerry's mouth is rhetoric. He either contradicts something he has previously said or uses facts that have already been debunked--he takes positions that contradict his voting record and leaves Bush with so many options to rebut, it must be confusing for the President. I don't blame him for smirking or acting incredulous to what Kerry says. (someone used this earth flat analogy in a blog somewhere, don't remember where, but I think it is on the mark)

I am very leary of a Kerry presidency. Bush isn't a bed of roses, but Kerry.....makes me more than a little apprehensive.

It's not often that you read something that changes your opinion all by itself. Some writings persuade, or maybe inform, but this article at ejectejecteject may change how you look at the candidates and the global war on terror. It's been floating around the blogosphere the last few days, and if you haven't read it yet, you really really really should. Awesome work.

Deterrence part 1
Deterrence part 2

Friday, October 08, 2004

10 Prophetic Justice Principles

Democratic National Convention speaker Rev. James A. Forbes Jr. is touring churches touting his prophetic justice principles as a guide for Christians, to help them decide for whom to vote in November. Forbes' website says they are non-partisan and non-political; but, they are brought in to counter the Christian right and their website says they advocate progressive programs and policies (progressive being the new hip word for 'liberal').

Here are the 10 Prophetic Justice Principles intended to convince you to vote Democrat, along with my off the cuff comments:

1. Seek the Common Good--This sounds good but it is just the reasoning of man making decisions from the wrong tree, the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. We are to partake of the tree of life. Jesus: "Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God." (Mt 19:17)

2. Be truthful in facts and motives--ok, no problem.

3. Promote unity and inclusion--including reducing the polarization and fragmentation of the society due to...sexual orientation. Inclusion and unity at the expense of truth is of the devil. Jesus: "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword." (Mt 10:34)

4. Care for the poor--Not governments job. The church doesn't fully do it's job in this arena, because they rely on government to do it for them, missing the blessing.

5. Protect the Vulnerable--This should read protect the American people. Phrased 'protect the vulnerable' it is liberal victimology. Be not a respector of action that's good for one is good for all the rest.

6. Guard the Freedom of Thought and Discussion--ok, as long as this thought includes biblical thought, which liberals like to call 'hate speech.'

7. Respect Other Nations and Peoples--Respect is nice, as long as we don't go for a world government, Tower of Babel kind of thing.

8. Ensure Stewardship of Creation--sounds ok. Probably means kowtowing to the environmentalists who value the animal over the human being.

9. Cherish the Human Family--Abortion? How does abortion cherish the human family?

10. Provide Moral Leadership--How does the normalization of all things homosexual provide moral leadership?

Vote Democrat? On #'s 9+10 alone, I cannot.

Right wing Jewish activists

Don't know what to make of this.

Activists rebel against Israeli government leader, Ariel Sharon...(rebellion is the principle of Satan, and is as the sin of witchcraft)...They thought of instigating a death curse against the God appointed leader...But, they decided to go with a ritual intended to bring about the removal of the secualar Israeli gov't...

"Sharon's plan is insane and I wish for his death," he said. "We want a Jewish monarchy in Israel and not a secular government with secular political parties. The decisions made by the majority are not decisions since the majority is stupid."

The nisuah hamayim ritual finds its source in the Mishna. During Succot in the time of the Temple, the priests would gather water from the holy Shiloah Spring and would pour it onto the tabernacle in the Temple, accompanied by songs and trumpets. The religious meaning behind the ritual, Weiss said, was to draw strength and spiritual powers from the water, which would then sustain the priests throughout the year.

After reading the whole thing, they are not calling on God to act. They are performing a ritual intended to give them power, namely that the "religious powers will grant us the strength"

First, God recognizes authority and submission to authority, and gives grace to the humble. He resists the proud and self-willed...and the rebellious, as these men are being. Second, performing a ritual for power is the religion of Satan, and these guys are messing with the wrong religous power.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

TBN notes

No news in the last few weeks on TBN and Paul Crouch. The LA Times reported the legal wranglings of the network and its founder trying to keep an alleged homosexual affair secret. TBN responded, LA Times responded, etc. etc. I probably blogged about 12 times on the matter, so check the archives if you are interested. Today, Christianity Today has a brief summary on it's website. If it appears in it's print magazine, I suppose the story could continue. But, for now, it appears to have lost all steam.

And, Jan Crouch is out of the hospital after having surgery last week for pancreatitis and gall stones.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Johan Santana and the American People

Well, my picks from yesterday afternoon proved to be a little high.
I predicted Santana would give up 2 runs to the Yankees--he gave up 0.
I thought Cheney would verbally smackdown Edwards 3 times--he only did once or twice.
126 seconds for blogger to publish--not sure, but it was less than 60. (what's up with blogger being soooooo painfully slow the last few days)

I can only hope my Green Bay Packers season win total was a little high too. I said 4 wins, which would make them 4-12 on the year. I suppose I could live with 3-13 or 2-14. :-)

I also said John Edwards would use the phrase "American people" 37 times during the VP debate. I checked the transcript. I was a little high here too. He used it 27 times. Edwards can be really prophetic psychic. He likes to opine on what the American people are thinking and what they are going to do. It's almost tough to listen to him speak if you are aware of this idiosyncrasy.

Here's an interesting exchange in the debate:

EDWARDS: May I respond briefly?

What the vice president has just said is just a complete distortion. The American people saw John Kerry on Thursday night. They don't need the vice president or the president to tell them what they saw. (They don't need Bush or Cheney to tell them what they saw...Let me tell them what they saw--ed)

They saw a man who was strong, who had conviction, who is resolute, who made it very clear that he will do everything that has to be done to find terrorists, to keep the American people safe.

He laid out his plan for success in Iraq, made it clear that we were committed to success in Iraq. We have to be, because we have troops on the ground there and because they have created a haven for terrorists.

IFILL: Mr. Vice President, you have 30 seconds.

CHENEY: Your rhetoric, Senator, would be a lot more credible if there was a record to back it up. There isn't.

And you cannot use "talk tough" during the course of a 90-minute debate in a presidential campaign to obscure a 30-year record in the United States Senate and, prior to that by John Kerry, who has consistently come down on the wrong side of all the major defense issues that he's faced as a public official.

***I know that politicians use rhetoric all the time to get elected. But, doesn't it seem that Kerry and Edwards go way overboard with the rhetoric. We can do better. I have a plan. Bush is wrong, wrong, wrong and we can do better. Does Style win over Substance? In our Hollywood, soulish society I wouldn't be too surprised if it did. But, when all you have is just doesn't seem right.

Factcheck dot what

Between innings of my Twins awesome victory over the Yankees tonite, I checked in with the VP debate. I noticed that Vice President Cheney referred to a website to back up a point he was trying to make. He said go to factcheck dot com and see such and such. I said to myself that was a missed opportunity. The actual site is And via Allahpundit, I see that the factcheck dot COM people are referring people to the George Soros website--he of the Michael Moore wing of the Democratic party. Give them credit for some quick thinking. Sneaky, but quick.

DeMint and teachers

South Carolina Senate candidate Jim DeMint says, "We need the folks that are teaching in schools to represent our values." Because of this, he has said during the campaign that he believes that homosexuals and single mothers living with their boyfriends should not teach in public schools.

Gay activists, of course, called for an apology. No discussion of the merits of the argument, just the old 'shut up, and apologize' mantra, a reflex triggered when their politically correct radar is activated. Gay activists try to stifle all dissent without a conversation. They interpret the general silence of the people as agreement with their positions. I think the public's silence is more a result of fear of being politically incorrect than a tacit agreement. I am always amused that activists are shocked when voters support such things as marraige amendments by a 2 to 1 margin. Anyway...

Does DeMint's statement have any validity? Should gays and women 'living in sin' be public school teachers? First, I think it's refreshing that a politician has a conviction and has the courage to express it in the face what he had to know would be a gaggle of naysayers. Instead of just dimissing it offhand, let's look at it.

On the one hand, most Americans are unrepentant sinners. Most teachers in the public schools are unrepentant sinners. So, to single out a class of sinners to the exclusion of the others, isn't fair. Unless we say that all teachers must be born again Christians, we can't exclude selectively as DeMint is saying (btw, this is a personal belief of DeMint and he has no plans to implement programs to carry this out).

On the other hand, teachers aren't like accountants or factory workers when it comes to jobs. They are put in a position of authority over kids daily and play a part in their development. We have specific education requirements for teachers. Isn't it OK to have moral standards for them as well? Hmmm.

I suppose some would say let them do what they want in the public schools. It's not just gay teachers, but also the evolution, the God denying, the liberal agenda, etc., that make public schools not worthy of our concern. Scriptures exhort parents to teach their own children. Isn't this a 24 hour a day exhortation or is it just a 16 hour a day duty, leaving them to others for the 8 hours they are in school? Answer--Homeschool, private Christian school, they say. Hmmm.

I don't know. I don't just dismiss his position as idiotic. But, I do have trouble convincing myself that this would be ok to do. Is there a scriptural argument that can be made on this issue? And this is just asking if they should be hired as teachers. More questions come to mind. How about the question of whether they can be effective teachers? Regarding sinners...can the deceived teach kids the truth? Teachers--should they not be role models and examples to those they teach?

Questions, questions, questions.....Come let us reason together, He says. I think I'll avoid the gay activists and look elsewhere for the answers to my questions.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Tuesday afternoon prognostications


2 - number of runs Johan Santana gives up tonite against the Yankees
3 - number of verbal smackdowns VP Cheney lays on John Edwards tonite
4 - Green Bay Packers wins this season (one can hope, can't one)
37 - times John Edwards uses the phrase "American people" during the VP debate
126 - seconds Blogger takes to post this once I hit publish

My Picks--baseball playoffs

St Louis Cardinals in 3
Boston Red Sox in 4
Minnesota Twins in 4
Atlanta Braves in 5
Chicago Cubs in '05

Christian jottings

Some notes from a few of the Christian blogs I like to read:

Julie writes well, and here she writes about sexual brokenness:

It was that book that made me realize the significance of my sexual sin, and it truly broke me, but not in a painful way. Sometimes, when God breaks you, it really does feel like He's snapping bones, at least figuratively speaking.
But other times, He breaks you very gently. You don't realize you've been broken until you're looking back over your life, and you see that you've had a major change in perspective.
RLP's book came out, and he had a online virtual book signing.

Michael Main reminisces about the prominent politicians he has met from Ford to W. On Gerald Ford:
I turned around and there was Gerald Ford. He reached out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Gerald Ford." I shook his hand while looking around nervously. There was no one else in the room with us. No secret service, no entourage, only me...Gerald Ford and a plentiful supply of donuts. My first words were, "Hi...I'm Michael President aren't there supposed to be people around guarding you from people like me?"
And Parableman links to one of posts, saying:
I just found a followup to the homosexuality discussion from two weeks ago. It's on a blog called Chapter and Verse, and it seems to be from someone who left the homosexual lifestyle and considers himself ex-gay. He compares his treatment by gay people as what black conservatives receive from their community those who see them as traitors. One thing he mentions is that he thinks many Christians don't understand homosexuality. He doesn't quite put it this way, but I think he's also saying many gay people don't understand Christians. I think both are quite true.

I wanted to nominate the post he refers to for the worst blog post of the year. I tended to ramble a bit; but, I think it expresses the conflict within me regarding homosexual issues--wanting to step out and help vs. wanting to crawl in a hole and keep out of sight. Yes, I am an ex-gay...even though I don't like that term, it's the best out there right now. Yes, my experience is that many (most) Christians don't understand homosexuality. And, yes, I think many gay people look at Fred Phelps (of the God hates fags website) and think that he represents Christianity's view on homosexuality.

(And that reference to black conservatives isn't the greatest comparison; but, I do feel a certain kinship with them. They have come out of a culture with one prevailing viewpoint and are seen as loony for believing the opposite viewpoint.)

Lastly, the bloke trackbacks to the parableman's post and notes some of his life-experiences with the topic of homosexuality:
The class ripped my paper apart not because it was a bad paper but because of its contents. I had advocated that the church's duty was to love its neighbor -- and who is her neighbor? The homosexual community, I had written. I just didn't get their strong reaction and opposition to my opinion. The class became so agitated because somehow my views threatened their sense of balance in their world.

I have a theory on why the Christian attitude toward homosexuals is oftentimes a condemning one. It is because gay sex is the one sin where most have a clear conscious before God. It is the one sin they have never committed, so they can rant all they want about it without being a hypocrite. They can have a compassion and an empathy for the drunkard or the talebearer, because they themselves have slipped in that area. But, they have very little love available for the homosexual because they are without understanding on the issue and have nothing in their personal experience to compare it to.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Every twenty years

Boots and Sabres reminds us of the twenty year presidential "coincidence":

1840 - Harrison, died of sickness 1860 - Lincoln, shot and died 1880 - Garfield, shot and died 1900 - McKinley, shot and died 1920 - Harding, died of a heart attack 1940 - Roosevelt, died of a cerebral hemorrhage 1960 - Kennedy, shot and died 1980 - Reagan, shot and lived 2000 - Bush, ????
I know that there are a few prophecies out there regarding Bush's second term. The one I remember specifically is from Thomas Gibson. The gist of all the words is that Bush will win reelection, but not serve out his full term. One I remember has Bush dying after the election, but before being sworn in. Gibson's and others have him dying (Gibson specifically says killed)some time in the second term. One even goes as far to say that he is killed in a parking garage explosion.

I wish I had all the links for these. Most of them I have seen on private prophetic lists.

I really don't know what to do with this sort of information. Does that 20 year thing matter? I do believe in curses, as the Bible lays out. Curses are the opposite of blessings. You believe in blessings, no? I wonder if someone somewhere broke that curse when Reagan was President. Curses can be broken, for Jesus was made a curse for us. Hmmmm.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Delaware Bible Readers Beware

Reading from the bible = hate speech in Delaware. Trial starts Oct 28.

"Council perceived what he was reading as hate speech. It would be homophobic today. They couldn't let him go on. You can't go up to the podium and start reading from the Bible,"--Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Kusturiss
Michael Marcavage, the man who read from the bible, gives a synopsis of what went on at the council meeting here. They told him:

"I am not going to allow you to come before this council and use it as a forum to engage in hate speech,"
So, reading from the bible is homophobic hate speech. The passage he was reading was the last half of Romans chapter 1. He wasn't preaching, wasn't interpreting, wasn't comparing scripture to scripture; he was just reading. Makes you wonder where this slippery slope will end up, eh? Mr Marcavage actually has a whole website devoted to reclaiming his city.